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Hi there,

Nice looking plugin. I have purchased however it is not loading on any page or browser…Is there a solution to this? Shortcode is the exact to your example.


Hi, do You have other counter plugins installed on your word press instance? Maybe the shortcode is in conflict of another plugin. Can You show it to me somewhere live? If You do not want to do it here, then You can send me a link over a contact form on my profile page.

I want to use this to display a dollar amount to illustrate spending in the industry we’re in. For example: $10,000,000.00, counting up 20 cents a second, from the time I activate it. My question is: will it restart from 10,000,000.00 each time someone refreshes the page? Or can I have it fixed, perpetually increasing.. kind of like the debt clock?

Hi, yes, You can have it like it’s counting continuously. All You need is to define point in time when certain value occurred… I can provide You with the example code if You need help. Just contact me via contact form on my profile page.

Any way to intigrate this to count visitors?


Yes, sure, as long as You can provide it with the visitor count value – it will display it, but it doesn’t have “visitor count” feature (which is server-related, whereas this plugin works on a client-side)

Output of Plugin is wrong. Just see this simple example. It put <#p> or <#/p> in your script area.

<div id="customCounter_20434" class="custom-counter" />
<p><script type="text/javascript"></p>
<p>var customCounter_20434 = null;
var customTimerId_20434 = null;
function loadCounter_20434(){
    customCounter_20434 = new Counter("customCounter_20434", {
        digitsNumber : 6,
        direction : Counter.ScrollDirection.Upwards,
        characterSet : Counter.DefaultCharacterSets.numericUp,
        charsImageUrl : "",
        markerImageUrl : "",
        value : 0
<p>    customTimerId_20434 = window.setInterval(function(){
        if (parseFloat(customCounter_20434.value) < 100){
            customCounter_20434.add(1, 800);
        } else {
    }, 1000); 

Hi, thanks for report. This code is generated by the browser, I’ve tested it on IE, Chrome, FF and Opera, but looks like some update make it stop working properly.

Hi, I am looking for a countup that will display 100 years, 364 days, 20 hours, 58 mins, 29 secs (example) but I need it in the following format

100 : 364 : 20 : 58 : 29 Years Day Hours Mins Secs

Can your plugin do this?

Hi, Yes it can do it. However there might be need of a little modification as by default it’s showing just 2 digits for years. Let me know and I’ll apply this modification for You – just contact me via my profile page.

hi i need help with the counter. there is a weird thing happens in the counter. my website is, why is on the decimal is out of the place?

Hi, This is a known issue. Please, open counter.css and add box-sizing: content-box; to the .customer-counter rule. This will help.

Hi, I want set the final date endValue with hour, but I cant find the way, can you help me please

Hi. This should work for You. endValue=”2101-01-01 12:00”

is this recurring? so I: can set it to countdown for 3pm everyday?

H, I’m sorry. It won’t work this way. However, instead of a shortcode you can use a template tag and set the countdown date programmaticaly.

Q: Can count forever without restarting per visitor? ..adjusting the counting time ms ?

yes, but the value for the counter should be given by the server to the html output with every request.

Hi there – just sent a few messages via profile and support page – just having trouble getting this to show up?

Please look into spam folder of your mailbox I’ve sent at least 2 messages to you.

pre-purchase question. Im looking for a counter that will actually display pictures, just like a booru board would. There are 9 images and each one will represent the corresponding number. So basically everytime someone visits it will display a diferent picture with the number. Is that something i can do with your plugin? cuz if it is then just take my money.

I’m sorry, I’ve no idea what booru board is

I get the following error: Unpacking the package…

Installing Plugin from uploaded file:

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

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