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Looks awesome…..too bad its for a specific theme ;-(

Thanks Terry! I’ll think about making something similar for every theme. Anyway layers is a free and very powerful theme. I suggest you to take a look at it. Tom

Content looks terrible on my iPad Air. Pls add retina support asap. Unfortunately I can’t use the extension right away.

Hi, I’ve just made some tests. It’s a browser issue not strictly related to the plugin related to perspective values applied to nested divs. Anyway I’ve found a workaround for that and soon I’ll submit an update to codecanyon. Meanwhile, if you write to me in private (via the form in my profile page) I’ll send you the updated files.. Thomas

It now works with the latest update provided. Thanks for the quick support.

I’m glad. Let me know if you need furhter support. Tom

Hello , this plugin can be translated ?

Hi, do you mean to translate the texts in the edit page into another language? I’m sorry but that’s not possible. Thomas

Does this work for skins with layers?

Yes it does. If you find any problems please let me know. Thomas

Hi. I do not see how either columns or widgets can be added to the animated contents blocks. Thus I do not understand how it is possible to reproduce the demo with this plugin. Could you explain how. Thanks

Hi, thanks for purchasing. You can’t add multiple columns. In order to do it you can add multiple instances of animate content. About the animations, to reproduce the effects on the demo page you have to select the proper effects. Please let me know what you want to do and I’ll be more than happy to help you. You can open a ticket on our support helpdesk here: Tom

Thanks for the prompt response. I will open a ticket. But my basic questions are probably of interest to everyone. In short: How do you layout two (or more) animated content blocks side by side? Can you add something other than html text to the custom content sections of the animated content blocks? Thanks again, Mark

With Animated Content you can add rows containing a title, excerpt one image and 3 other custom content, each one with a different effect, duration and delay. You can’t add more than one block inside one row. But you can add as many rows (animated content items) as you prefer. At the moment you can only add text, html and one image. My aim is to turn the plugin into a (animated) container that can accept any kind of content. But at the moment I haven’t found how to do it. Layers is a new product and I think and hope that it will be extended with new features allowing developers to create even more powerful extensions. Thanks, Tom

Hi there,

Are you plan to release the HTML/JS version of this?

Cheers, Mel.

Hi Tom, I’m not looking for WP version, I’m thinking if you are releasing a regular JQUERY HTML version. That would be very helpful.

Cherrs, Mel.

I would like to create both. Thanks for your interest. If you want to be updated when ready you could follow my profile on Envato or send me a message using the form on my profile page. Thanks!!

it doesn’t work with layers 1.1.3 where can i get layers 1.0.9?

Hi and thanks for purchasing. It’s a layers bug, I’ve already notified the layers developers and I’m waiting for them to solve this issue (that happens with many extensions). Meanwhile you can try reinstalling the extension, it should work. As soon as the developers answer me back I’ll notify you. Thanks, Tom

ok, thank you

Is this compatible with other lawyers child theme ?

Hi, thanks for you interest. Yes it is but to be completely sure you should ask it to the child theme developers. Tom

Hi, a pre-sale question: Can i set the animation for hover?

I’ve replied below. I think this comment has been duplicated

Hi, a pre-sale question: Can i set the animation for hover?

Hi, I’m sorry it’s not possible. It allows you to add appearing effects only

The plugin is not working properly, when I change something it doesn’t show.

Hi, could you please provide me with a url or maybe with a temporary admin account of your wordpress dashboard (write me via the form on my profile page)? And any additional details could be very useful. Thanks, Tom

Hi, Is RTL fully supported? (or netter to say: is this compatible with RTL?) Thanks in advance

I purchased your add-on to test it. When I add widget, I see there is a widget called animated content. When I set all the things, again animations don’t work. (I use RTL language in my site). Also how about adding animations to existing elements in pages? I can’t do that? I don’t see any option in other elements to add animation. For example I added a content and within it, there is multiple parts to show our services. I want to set each service to come with special animation. But I can’t.

Hi, animations can only be added via WP Cutomizer by adding the Widget called “Animated Content”. After adding contents you have to click on the bottom bar called “Animations” where you can set animations for all contents you’ve added

OMG! I was thinking it is just like AnimateKit. And the only reason I purchased yours was that I knew you before. But now I see AnimateKit was what I was looking for. Bad mistake. Thanks anyway. Regards