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itsmrself does not currently provide support for this item.

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Good work, looks great. Why do the icons thos ( rotation animation ) ones, rotate on some kind of eccentric circle and not fluidly around exacy x – y position?

What is your web browser?

Good work itsmrself !

But you shouldn’t give a live preview of CSS item, the code can be easily stolen.. It’s better to give a video preview !


Code does not work with IE and the problems with hyperlink

What is problems? Describe please.

Shit, code in IE absolutely does not work. It’s shit

I’m going updated this version. It’s not coded for IE in this moment.

ok, I’ll wait

its not working in IE at all. if i open your live demo in explorer i cant see any effect nothing. only one image changing to another after mouseover. and if i make it hypertext i will loose that mouseover too in IE

btw in firefox it doesnt work for me after linking. it stayed gray no effect on mouseover

I don’t agree with you, this web elements have another problem in firefox. Stop you criticize, or I should report your comment. Wait for Ie, that’s it

Tested in FF , CHROME and SAFARI ( Latest Builds )

Works fine, but in the spinning animations, move off centre, like a wobbly wheel. Works perfect in iPad though.

Thanks! Nice buttons! But how to make pointer on mouse hover on link of of button?

For change the mouse when the button is hover, you have to add this attribute on the button:hover class. For exemple: button:hover{cursor:wait;} Go to:

I just bought it for 1 hour, and already using it. It’s just what I need: beautiful object, very easy to implement. Thank you!

Still does not work in IE…

Anything for IE yet?