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Hi, I wrote you an email on your support page about my project livengel. Did you find out what might be my problem?

So I built in the plugin succesfully into my WP ( I can see the code around my div “Laufbahn” and can see the plugin in the header and the footer. Still nothing is happening :( I wanted to ask if this might be, because I render the DIV “Laufbahn” after loading the page (or while). Moreover I want all Laufbahnteil DIV to slide in from the left. Maybe you could check my code by looking at the source of the main page and tell me what might be missing. Thanks


I wasn’t able to view your site.


I got this plugin because I was hoping I could do something like zappingseb website link above.

I’ve been searching for a long time trying to find something in Wordpress that animates based on scroll position. Meaning, if a user scrolls into the area the animation occurs but if the user scrolls away the animation goes back to its normal position. This is what I want to do. Can I do that? I don’t see how with this plugin now that it is installed.

Hey thanks for responding JosiahWilliams. eel free to post back however you come about implementing it.

This wasn’t what I was looking or, but none the less everything works and it has more than enough features. 5 stars amigo!

Thank you. I will let you know when i have the features implemented.

Great! Welcome and thanks you!

Pre-sales question. Do the animations trigger when the content (to be animated) enters the browser view port, i.e., during page scrolling? Or do they just trigger on page load?

I ask the question because I would want the animations to start when the content comes into view. Otherwise, some of the animations could trigger and not be seen by the user.

Both. You can set the animations to load when the page loads and also when you scroll down and the become visible. If you view the link you can see the animations trigger when they come into the viewport

Hello ! I’m searching for a plugin which allows me to make text (tagline) and image arrive on the home page with a transition (like your demo page). Can we create this sort of transition on every page or only on post and article ? Other question : we want the text and the image arrive from the left or the right of the screen to stop at a specific point. Can we controle that with your plugin ? Thanks for the anwser !

And how can I decide where the animation starts ?

Animate Shortcodes lets you attach prebuilt animations to web elements it currently doesn’t let you build animations.

Ok, the animations begin and end where the html element is positioned… i see ;)

buy your plugin but I have a problem when I put it messes up the position of text and tally them on their own in a column that do not pass this :(

Hi, i just purchased your plugin and i’d like to know if it’s possible to use it to animate elements in my theme php code. And how? Thanks in advance


This is cool animation, anyhow, can this work for the default theme menu?

My site is already set for the plug-in menu,links, can this automatic take over it (like buddypress plug-ins)

Please advice before buy, Thanks


I see you haven’t been around for a while. I would just like to know if this would be compatible with WP latest version (4.1) and if there’s any support.

Thanks! Alex

Hello, I have a question : can this plugin authorise to use the Gravity Forms’ shortcode ? Thank you and nice job !!!!!! :D

AS others have asked, I’d also like the element (image) to restore to normal after trigger (i.e. hover or scroll past)

I think you said you were already looking at it, Any joy?

Also in another question you said you COULD already LOOP an animation. So would that kinda restore an element? ie can we set a long delay before the next animation re-cycles?

HI, I’ve installed the plugin but the “Animate Shortcodes editor dropdown editor ” does not appear in the visual editor. I read the guide but I didn’t find further info. can you help me? I have to provide additional information?

This plugin can create my own Shortcodes?


Ahrale Purchased

Any plans to update the plugin?