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Great Game ! GLWS!


Hi. :)

This is really good. Just bought it and I love it.

Can you tell me how to create the font? I want to use another font for this game.


Hello and thank you! The font is easy to create in Photoshop, simply arrange the letters and numbers in the correct alphabetical order and apply a style to text. You can find a lot of lessons on the Internet.

Thank you! :)

good job, nicely done ! i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks! :)

hi, i want to buy your game, but i have a question. in this game can i get user’s score to write a database? or do you have a game which keeps user’s score and other infirmation on database? i’m waiting your response thanks

Hi, my game automatically saves the player’s account in the browser cache.

i purchased one game, my mail is : muh.ozdemir@gmail.com i’m waiting your gift. note: if is it possible can you send me one or two of them https://codecanyon.net/item/road-racer-html5-game-android-admob-capx/13756287 https://codecanyon.net/item/crazy-car-html5-game-android-admob-capx/16974417


Hi I would like to know if it’s possible to install a leaderboard with multiplayer on your game?


Hello! Leaderboards can be done, and the multiplayer in games do not, it’s expensive.

But in the leaderboard, your can see the score of the other player from other computer?

this is for eclipse ?

Hello!, this for all. HTML5 project included + Construct 2 game engine source file.

Hey Gamesmaster, would like to check with you, is it possible to play this through a local host instead of going through a web server? As we noticed that when we tried to load it on our local browser it says exported games won’t work unless you upload them.

We are just trying to see if we can play this game without the use of internet.


Hello Does it indludes any non-official plugins or behaviors?


The only non-official plugins are those ones? How many events does it have? Is it documented or easy to change?

The only non-official plugins are those ones? How many events does it have? Is it documented or easy to change?

Hi, in the description of the game shows the number of Event at the project, the game engine is very intuitive and easy to understand the study, all the instructions are on the official website. https://www.scirra.com/manual.zip

Hi We have tried to install the game on Cordova, however the game is running slow. Can you please let us know how to make the game fast in Cordova platforms

Hi, I use only the Canvas, and I advise you to use it, it works at times better. To compile use the online service Cocoon.Io

Hi. I understand that you will not do any customizations, however I’d just like to know if you can point me to the right files and locations to change the code for a few pays off the game mechanics so that my developers can customize quickly. 1) how to remove pause 2) how to change the start time or make the game harder in general 3) how to change the graphics

I’ve tried getting support for my issues for about 3 weeks now. You always tell me to email you then you do not respond to your emails. I’d like to handle my problem here on this message board now. I need to know how customize certain parts of the game. For instance, i want to adjust the game speed as the player reaches higher levels

GamesMasters documentation is not correct and they are unavailable for support. DO NOT purchase their games unless you are 100% satisfied with them the way they are.

I am in the process of getting my refund right now as we speak.

Hello, I’m sorry I had a problem with your PC, what need help, write your address.

Please post your email address that you check most

Send me a message yet, since I for some reason they do not see, even in the spam folder.

If you can, please send a message from a different email address. It is desirable from Google mail, it works fine!

Just fyi I emailed another question to you. Thank you for your quick response last time.

Hello, already I answered.