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Please check bug previus sound are playing in next sound, example wolf sound on roosteer, i suggest stop previus sound OR stop button. good App

If an animal’s sound have been playing, it will continue until it finish. So you have to wait before move to next animal or you will hear mixed sounds of them.

Looks pretty good. Bit laggy and it should have admob interstitial ad after save. If I can get this and have the issue solved, I will consider it more. thanks.

Need your help for : 1. Please add interstitial ads (may be after play 2 or 3 sounds) 2. Please add play / stop button for the sound (maybe below the animal pictures)

Thanks. Great apss :)

You can replay the sound when tap the image of animal again.

Can we add more sounds and animals pictures?

Yes, you can add more sounds and animal’s images

Yes, you can add more sounds and animal’s images

Yes, you can add more sounds and animal’s images

Hi, Any new update for this app?

I was not able to run the application by using Eclipse. It gives fatal error. I asked the author but he did not answer. I think this is not worth of buying.

Can you capture your logcat screen?

Ok. I have solved it by means of importing with Android Studio IDE. I configured all dependencies and it worked. However, I would like to inform you that you do not provide good support. If you are doing this job, you should be ready to give support your customer. Anyway, thanks so much for your business. Have a great day.

Thank you for your purchasing.

i have question can you give me your email????

Hello Sir, i got fatal error !!

and sent you Email with logcat screen, please fix as soon as possible

I ‘m waiting …


I am in waiting !!

Do you use Skype or teamviewer?

again I am waiting !!!

yes i have teamviewer but when you will be free

now i sent you team viewer information

check your email

I’m online now. Do you use any chat application (ex. Skype)? We can establish a meeting via them.

You will Provide android studio Bass Project..I will buy it after that

Hello I bought your application But there is a big problem when you change the package name Admob does not appear Please help with the package name change. I bought $ 65 dollars

Hi please update this app, it is very good, you will make more sales

Code doesn’t work. Looking for android studio version of code. Please send me the latest code for Android Studio.

very old code. doesn’t work now anymore with the current tool.