Animal Frenzy

Animal Frenzy

Get ready for the toughest casual quiz that’ll test your IQ and puzzle your brain in this addictive free game for kids and adults alike!

Show off your high score to friends and defy them to do better!

How to play:

  1. There is a set of animal avatars rolling from right to left.

  2. Player will be asked if the current avatar match the former one (already swapped to the left off-screen), and there are two options: Yes/No.

  3. If the user gets right answer, the score will be added to 1.

  4. If it is otherwise, the game will end with the lose screen.

  5. Player can share their score via Facebook and submit/view it on online leaderboard.

Game feature list:

  • Online Firebase leaderboard supported.

  • Very attractive tweening effects.

  • Already go social by sharing your score via Facebook.

  • Source code is in well-formatted and fully commented.

  • Super clear and brief technical design document provided.

  • Well tested on across mobile browser devices.

  • Extremely lightweight and smoothly on mobile.

  • Highly usability for your other games, e.g: leaderboard/popup, game state, button callback management, tweening effects, webfont.

  • Ready for exporting to mobile.

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