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hello i want buy this code but i need to know if have some lib or just code and google play service

Sorry for late reply…just code and Google play service lib. Thanks

Good luck with salea

Is It in Eclipse ?

Yes eclipse.

can integrate start app ?

Hi , I am very much interesting to purchase this app. but if you add one more sticker delete feature.

Yes ,I do that contact on mail..

let me know your email ID

Hi, Tell me how many stickers I can add to this app? Thank you

OK..thanks for purchase.

Hello! I figured out myself how to set 50 stickers, just needed to add the names in the file and all. I did and everything works! It really was just as you said and this is a good code. 5 stars to you as I promised! Thank you very much!

Thanks …welcome

Can you send android studio version after i buy?

Yes first purchase and contact on mail…thanks

Nice Work GLWS =D