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snooppy Purchased


i want change the currency i want delete $ and i want place the CHF . i have test currency: “CHF “ in order.htm but i have error .

Thank you

hi try in this mode: {{product.price | currency: “CHF “}}


snooppy Purchased


You script is not compatible on Iphone resposnive ….

Why ?

Thank you

hi ye why? witch problem you have can you describe better thnks

Hi, I need the order form to be submitted both to the admin and the customer. So I need the form to be sent to the email address that the customer has written in the order form, how can i do this please? Also I would like that after the order form has been submitted, the page woul be redirected to another, how can I do this please. Thank you very much.

hi this exist, if the client chose to pay with order by email, this send the email at you and at the customer

How can I clear cart automatically once order has been sent. Thank You!

hi yes sure when you click the button for do the order you need to call also the method cart.clearItems(); regards

but if I call this within the submit button it clears the cart before it is sent to the email…. how can I do this after it sends the email ?

inside app.js after

$‘clone.php’, JSON.stringify(totalData)).success(function () {

inside if (status == 200)



I have a problem with hungarian (‘hu-HU’) localization. I would like to use different thousand separator on NUMBER and CURRENCY. 1,234,567—> 1 234 567

I found this, i put to app.js but not working:

angular.filter(‘currency’, function(input, curSymbol, decPlaces, thouSep, decSep) { var curSymbol = curSymbol || ”$”; var decPlaces = decPlaces || 2; var thouSep = thouSep || ”,”; var decSep = decSep || ”.”; });

// Check for invalid inputs
var out = isNaN(input) || input === '' || input === null ? 0.0 : input;
//Deal with the minus (negative numbers)
var minus = input < 0;
out = Math.abs(out);
out = angular.filter.number(out, decPlaces);
// Replace the thousand and decimal separators.  
// This is a two step process to avoid overlaps between the two
if(thouSep != ",") out = out.replace(/\,/g, "T");
if(decSep != ".") out = out.replace(/\./g, "D");
out = out.replace(/T/g, thouSep);
out = out.replace(/D/g, decSep);
// Add the minus and the symbol
  return "-" + curSymbol + out;
  return curSymbol + out;

Thank you for your help!




if you need to change the currency you can change in this mode

in store.html

{{(product.price | number:2) + “€”}}


How can i empty the “cart”and the contact form after purchase?

Hi inside car.js you find this function

// clear the cart shoppingCart.prototype.clearItems = function () { this.items = []; this.saveItems(); }

for clear the cart after purchase you need to call this function



I would like to clear the cart (after email sent) and open a new page, i tried this dut not working for me.

$‘clone.php’, JSON.stringify(totalData)).success(function () {

console.log("FormDta", totalData);
}).success(function (data, status) {
if (status == 200) { //success comes from the return json object
        $scope.submitButtonDisabled = true;
        $scope.resultMessage = "A megrendelés sikeres! Köszönjük!";
        $scope.result = 'bg-success';
// $scope.cart.clearItems();
// shoppingCart.prototype.clearItems = function () {
 //     this.items = [];
 //        this.saveItems();
 //     }
// shoppingCart.prototype.clearItems();
// cart.clearItems();
} else {
    $scope.submitButtonDisabled = false;
    $scope.resultMessage = "Probléma lépett fel a megrendeléssel, kérjük hívjon minket : 06(20) 591 0491";
    $scope.result = 'bg-danger';

add myCart.clearItems(); inside the function submitForm when the submit have success

if (status == 200) { //success comes from the return json object
                        $scope.submitButtonDisabled = true;
                        $scope.resultMessage = "Thanks for your order";
                        $scope.result = 'bg-success';




louiex Purchased

Good day! I tried to install it from its README file but Got a problem with paypal. It goes blank page though settings are properly followed.


louiex Purchased

Still not work. Kindly check these links. else give you ftp access.

with the link sandbox work?

2) if the same code in my server work i think it s a problem from you configuration server

i try to investigate, and come back to you


louiex Purchased

sandbox not working :( assist please

Hola tengo problemas al tratar de buscar productos en el interior del plug podrías ayudarme por favor

Hi sorry but i dont understand can you write in english Thanks


kpezoam Purchased

Is there any tutorial? ¿Hay algún tutorial?

Hi yes it s a documentation, and also small part online:



Pre-sales question:

Can I add one more column before the item column?

For example, I want to sell clothes and I want to add one column for size. Is it posible for me to do it by myself? Please reply A.S.A.P.


Hi yes you need to know a little html5 and js Regards

I got this error: Error: [$injector:modulerr]$injector/modulerr?p0=Angustore& Line 6

Never mind, I fixed. Thanks

Hi, 1. is there a way when you click next page it takes you back to the top of the page? 2. Is there a way to add products via an admin page? Or can I pay you to make one? Thanks Ryan


1. try to add this script in the page :

$(document).ready(function(){ $(window).scrollTop(0); });

2. depend how many product you need to manage, because if is a lot product it s better to add one data base and crated the admin or if dont have a lot product need to try to manage without the db created the login and the admin panel


Does this script support sale of downloadable products too?