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Hi there. Have you got any examples of this being used on KeystoneJS? Would you be able to integrate this with Keystone’s User model?

Hi KeystoneJs i never use i know express and nodejs

Hi there, nice cart! Can it be used for any products or it is for electronics only?

Hi you can use for any product you want


Hi i try in a mobile devices and dont works the delivery way to put data in the form only in mobile devices…please help

Hi thanks for the info, so if you whant resolve need to remove the float left from class .contact later i update the new version regards

Thanks a lot…youur store is amazing…Éxitos

Thanks if you like the rating it is appreciated :)


mp3nar Purchased

hello i have purchase the script i wanna use it with php can i do that ?

you can customize what you want in angustore, but you need to know the base of programmer Regarde


mp3nar Purchased

iam php programmer But Cant customize This

the module cart product need to stay the same only need to call from the index i think you need to integrate only the html, and the mode to call the single page

This is not the same but i think can help you

Hello I have some pre-sale questions:

A Testbuy with “order by mail pay by delivery” doesn’t work in the demo, right? I would know:
- Become the admin and customer a mail?
- After press the button “Send message” comes a “Successfull” – Page or nothing?

And can I use in the product description html for font color or “strong” font?

OK, thank you! :)

Hi so the solution it s this 1) add this line in the file clone.php for know the email who send the order,

$message .= “ Email: ” . strip_tags($data0[‘inputEmail’]) . “ ”;

add where it s a structure html/body,

2) in the end file add


where $email it s the email the customer add in the form so in this mode arrive 1 email at you and another at the customer


THX. :)

chrome,edge ok,ie say: 导航事件分隔条 SCRIPT1003: 缺少 ’:’ app.js (71,38) SCRIPT5009: “storeApp”未定义 store.js (3,1) SCRIPT5009: “storeApp”未定义 controller.js (7,1) SCRIPT5022: [$injector:modulerr]$injector/modulerr?p0=Angustore& angular.js (4640,9)

please help me,thank you!

hi if you click in the index you have this error, you need to use a editor example VisualStudio editor or for open the index or you need to setting the port localhost or you put in the server

See this example




I have put in the server

Access error when using IE, the content is not displayed correctly.

In IE in F12, Console shows:

HTML1300: Navigation occurred. Demo1 SCRIPT1003: Expected ’:’ App.js (71,39) SCRIPT5009: ‘storeApp’ is undefined Store.js (3,1) SCRIPT5009: ‘storeApp’ is undefined Controller.js (7,1) SCRIPT5022: [$ injector: modulerr]$injector/modulerr?p0=Angustore&p1=Error%3A%20%5B%24injector%3Anomod%5D%20http%3A%2F % 2F1.5.8% 2F% 24injector% 2Fnomod% 3Fp0% 3DAngustore% 0A% 20% 20% 20at% 20Anonymous% 20function% 20 (https% 3A% 2F% 2Fajax% 2Flibs % 2Fangularjs% 2F1.5.8% 2Fangular.min.js% 3A25% 3A93)% 0A% 20% 20% 20at% 20b% 20 (https% 3A% 2F% 2Fajax% 2Flibs% 2Fangularjs% 2F1. 5.8% 2Fangular.min.js% 3A24% 3A123)% 0A% 20% 20% 20at% 20Anonymous% 20function% 20 (https% 3A% 2F% 2Fajax% 2Flibs% 2Fangularjs% 2F1.5.8% 2Fangular .min.js% 3A24% 3A378)% 0A% 20% 20at 20at% 20Anonymous% 20function% 20 (https% 3A% 2F% 2Fajax% 2Flibs% 2Fangularjs% 2F1.5.8% 2Fangular.min. Js% 3A39% 3A469)% 0A% 20% 20% 20at% 20q% 20 (https% 3A% 2F% 2Fajax% 2Flibs% 2Fangularjs% 2F1.5.8% 2Fangular.min.js% 3A7% 3A353 )% 0A% 20% 20% 20at% 20g% 20 (https% 3A% 2F% 2Fajax% 2Flibs% 2Fangularjs% 2F1.5.8% 2Fangular.min.js% 3A39% 3A319)% 0A% 20 % 20% 20at% 20cb% 20 (https% 3A% 2F% 2Fajax% 2Flibs% 2Fangularjs% 2F1.5.8% 2Fangular.min.js% 3A43% 3A330)% 0A% 20% 20% 20c% 20 (https% 3A% 2F% 2Fajax% 2Flibs% 2Fangularjs% 2F1.5.8% 2Fangular.min.js% 3A20% 3A388)% 0A% 20% 20% 20at% 20Bc% 20 % 3A% 2F% 2Fajax% 2Flibs% 2Fangularjs% 2F1.5.8% 2Fangular.min.js% 3A21% 3A172)% 0A% 20% 20% 20at% 20fe% 20 (https% 3A% 2F% 2Fajax% 2Flibs% 2Fangularjs% 2F1.5.8% 2Fangular.min.js% 3A20% 3A1) Angular.js (4640,9)

I found that using my win10 OS, IE 11, access: Https:// The same thing happens.

I have screenshots, please see:


thank you for your help.

ah understand it s one problem inside app.js, need to substitution this line: totalData.push({fData, items, totalCount, totalPrice}); with this totalData.push({ fData: fData, items: items, totalCount: totalCount, totalPrice: totalPrice });


Yes, it runs perfectly in IE. Thank you for your reply, great procedures, very convenient!


1. Actually I need database to store transaction and other product data. Is that do-able here?

2. Can shipping cost be calculated?

Hi this dont have server db if you need register the transaction need to add with php or node the db

2. it s a tax you can change this

Hello, We have recently purchased your Angustore – Responsive Shopping Cart script but we are unable to link the items as it is showing blank when open index.html which you have provided under zip file

hi or you use VisualStudio editor or for open the index need to setting the port localhost

See this example




Hi, I have recently purchased script but i am not able to link products as nothing is given under zip file .How to add products or use the coding part .

hi or you use VisualStudio editor or for open the index need to setting the port localhost

See this example




Hello, We have less knowledge in coding . Do you have installation guide or document for installing this script on server as we are unable to use the cart . Awaiting for your reply

hi or you use VisualStudio editor or for open the index need to setting the port localhost

See this example





I want to show a quantity of items in bascet by categories For instance: MacPro You have chossen (2)

Hi so for showthe quantity fo cat. you need to add this controler in the file app.js: storeApp.controller(‘countProd’, function ($scope, $http) {

var totalProducts = $;
var totalMac = 0;
var totalIpad = 0;
var totalPhone = 0;
var totalSound = 0;
for (var i = 0; i < totalProducts; i++) {
if ($[i].category  "mac")
else if ($[i].category  "ipad")
else if ($[i].category  "phone")
else if ($[i].category  "sound")
$scope.totalProducts = totalProducts;
$scope.totalMac = totalMac;
$scope.totalIpad = totalIpad;
$scope.totalPhone = totalPhone;
$scope.totalSound = totalSound;


2) in the page store.html call the controller :

<form class=”form-search” ng-controller=”countProd”>

3) in the same page replace the filter in this mode:

<button class=”btn flr-top-first active” ng-click=”myFilter(‘category’,null)”>All ({{totalProducts}})</button> <button class=”btn flr-top” ng-click=”myFilter(‘category’,’mac’)”>MacPro ({{totalMac}})</button> <button class=”btn flr-top” ng-click=”myFilter(‘category’,’ipad’)”>Ipad ({{totalIpad}})</button> <button class=”btn flr-top” ng-click=”myFilter(‘category’,’phone’)”>Phone ({{totalPhone}})</button> <button class=”btn flr-top flr-last” ng-click=”myFilter(‘category’,’sound’)”>Sound ({{totalSound}})</button>

if you like my solution pls rating :)

if you have a problem tell my i update the solution

Best Regards

Thank you, and how to show quantity of items by categories in the order, for instance in shopping cart there are 2 apple ipad (from category Ipad) and 1 Macbook Pro (from category MacPro), on store page it shows MacPro (1) Ipad (2)

hi for this i think it s more work because you need to have a button all for all product, and the other button you need to created in dinamicaly mode with ng-repeat and orderBy

i hope this help you

Best Regards

Ciao Alessio, È possibile far apparire l’imagine del prodotto nell carrello? Grazie

Question: Hi Alessio, It is possible to have the images for the product in the cart? Thanks

Answer: Ciao yes sure in two three day i update the new version with the image for the product and other functionality

Se vuoi parlare in Italiano devi scrivermi un email qui bisogna scrivere in Inglese in modo che gli altri sappiano di cosa stiamo parlando

Best Regards

I see that the code was updated 12/21/16, but the documentation contains no change log or implementation suggestions for existing users. What has changed, and is the update suggested for existing users?

Hi sorry for delay but i t s Christmas period, the last update it s 2 changes 1) i add the image at the products in the cart 2) up where is a filter product, add number of products by category

Best Regards

hello where to add paypal settings on this template i buy this but this time only i will use your template.


so in the app.js you neeed to add your email myCart.addCheckoutParameters(“PayPal”, “”);

my it s facilitator because it s the account for test.

2) in the cart where is method : shoppingCart.prototype.checkoutPayPal

you remove the comment form:

form.attr(“action”, “”);

i m use this form.attr(“action”, “”);

because it s account for test

I hope this help you if you need more info you can find also in the API Paypal

Best REgards


Can I easy add more product fields? I need 3 extra fields: Source, Amazon and productBG.

I think I need only the store.js and the product.htm. And in the product.htm file a code like this {{product.source}} , right?

Hi yes you have two data store in the store.js 1) for the details product and the other for generic info, you need to add the extra in the first or second, depend where you want show, and yes if it s the details product you need to go in the file product.htm and binding your new extra fields, in the same mode you show me.

i hope this help you, in case write me back