Discussion on Angustore - Responsive Shopping Cart

Discussion on Angustore - Responsive Shopping Cart

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I’ve fixed the error, it’s working now for my lace front wigs human hair, thanks for the great script if (status == 200) { //success comes from the return json object $scope.submitButtonDisabled = true; $scope.resultMessage = “Thanks for your order”; $scope.result = ‘bg-success’; myCart.clearItems(); //ADDED THIS

Hello Good day..

The is a pre-purchase question. I am a nocoder and I was looking for a shopping cart script that can be added to my html website(build on a website builder)..

1)It currently doesn’t have shopping cart feature, however i am able to embed the shopify’s script that can be added to any website for the cart feature(just copy pasted the script into the head code). Need your help in using Angu store script the same way.

2) Can i get a SAAS model built around Angu store?

Would really appreciate your response.


Hi i m not sure if i understand the question, but for use this application you need to have some knowledge of code on javascript / angular 1 Regards


Thanks sale this, it save me some times. I’m working on some testing, and I found a little bug there.

Could you go to “Sound” Tag, then click to Page 2.? You will see nothing in page 2. And then, I click back to “Phone” Tag, I can see nothing, because it keep me in Page 2 (because only 2 items in Phone tag) , I need to click back to Page 1.

So it shouldn’t have “Page 2”, if items quantity not more than 6 items.

Could you fix this? I’m not a programmer, I don’t know how to fix this. I hope this help. thanks a lot!

Hi yes you are right, i see the error so i try to fix this weekend Thanks Regards

Page does not load correctly unless you refresh the page. I am getting this: when I clear browser history and reload page get same results. Same error of page not loading …

Hi Dogan i cant replicate the same error i try but work fine

You can see it does not function properly:

Stavo valutando l ’ acquisto, mi sono accorto che su chrome non si vede….da envato va direttamente sulla pagina carrello….

Ciao da envato se clicchi su live preview va su questa pagina

strano mai avuto problemi con chrome

Fammi sapere Grazie

how can we connect to backend php to make this dynamic shopping cart. are php admin panel to add products is available or we need to create.

does this item comes with all backend php files and database ?

Hi no this is only angularJS Regards

42b23d88-7383-4091-a09f-18b6be2dd601 Angustore. Ancora complimenti perhè è bellissimo. Una domanda, mi sembrava di aver visto da qualche parte ma adesso non trovo, la possibilità di inviare l’ordine a due mail diverse gestine in clone.php. Se magari mi indichi dove posso averlo visto. Grazie e ciao

Ho risolto grazie, questo anche per gli altri:

$to = “,”;

A me funziona perfettamente.

Un’altra cosa se devo inserire due o tre radio button con delle scelte, come faccio???

ciao devi raggrupparli con lo stesso nome per avere una sola scelta delle tre altrimenti checkbox

qui ce un esempio con i radio button

Ciao, solo per chiederti, a quale prezzi mi integreresti il tuto bellissimo kit Angustore – Responsive Shopping Cart in un template css Html5????

Grazie per la risposta.


Salve Alessio, direi un ottimo lavoro. ma ho un problema:

1) ho configurato la mail in clone.php ma non invia nulla.

Risolto mi sono fatto cambiare delle impostazioni sul server, adesso funziona benissimo , anzi TOP

L’unica cosa che ti chiedo e come fare a personalizzare ad esempio i bottoni o i titoli.

Ciao, per i bottoni vai nella cartella css file style_cube

devi modificare i dati nella classe .btn.btn-cart

per i titoli dipende che devi fare? modificare il testo oppure il design?

Hi . Can I change the payment gateway?

Hi this use Paypal if you want integrate another you can but you need to change all structure


Hi is there any way I can add postage to individual items…. just now if someone purchases 10 items there is only one postage and packaging price added..

Thanks in advance


Hi, you means when pay with paypal or in the form when order by Email?


Hi im not great with java, in the details page I would like to add a hyperlink to a separate HTML…, How would I do this please, anything I have tried has not worked. thanks in advance

Hi gbgas001,

depend what you need to do, for simple hyperlink you can add this code inside at the page:

<a href="" title="">Click me!!</a>

for open in the same page the link, if you want open in separate page need to add a target

<a href="" title="" target="_blank">Click me!!</a>

I hope this help you!!


Hi, Quick question. On the store java script, there is a term CAL:10 used after the price, What is this value used for?

this.products = [ { num: 1, code: ‘APL’, category: ‘mac’, name: ‘55” Apple LCD TV’, src: “apple1.png”, description: ‘Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisici elit, sed eiusmod tempor incidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquid ex ea commodi consequat. ’, price: 5.99, cal: 10 }

Thanks in advance


Hi you can remove cal never it s used


Simply simple, great, But – I don’t need a mini shop as such. Because, I have individual HTML product pages and want to add a “Buy Now” button (with product options) and a checkout page, etc. Possible to strip your cart to fit my needs? Cheers

Hi you can’t because you need to know the list and the details of product for call the pay button, so you need to have a list of product create with an array and generate inside html with angular Regards


I really do not understand how to install this thing. And I think it’s a little long 10 days to help people.

If ever I tried to change things to see if I would arrive and now I have this:

I also bought another script and also some problems, impossible to install ..

So I will see with paypal if I can make a refund.

Thank you for your reply.

Hi this is a application in AngularJs so you dont need to install nothing, just to add in the server and this is all. Regards

Hello, I just bought this product but once the files put on the ftp I go to my site and I have these errors : could you tell me how to solve this problem please? thank you in advance

Hello, I just bought this product but once the files put on the ftp I go to my site and I have these errors : could you tell me how to solve this problem please? thank you in advance

Hello, Is it possible to have your email to send you the link in private please

send me a message from envato from myprofile

it is done ;)

I do not receive support from the author, I request a return of the script that does not work correctly

Hi i need time to see the problem, if you see in my profile it s writen support in 10 day so patience Regards

Hello, I have installed the script, good job. I found the first problem to solve, in the checkout , next pressing “Order by mail” after filling in the text fields correctly by pressing the button “Send Message” does nothing, should show a confirmation message and get me an email or be registered in a file but I do not see where and why I know how to modify the mail. I wait for your help. Thank you.


1) you add your email here inside the file clone.php :

$to = "";

2) i try with my gmail and work fine, the email arrive with list of product and data and answer Thanks for your order

3) you use a gmail or you have another hosting?


Hola, no envia nada en chrome desde Mac, dejo url del sitio

Hi Alessio, great Shop really straight forward. Everything works great, but I’ve an issue the order by email don’t work… The PHP mail() function is disabled because of security measures on my server, can I send it via Gmail SMTP for example? Please advise, thanks.

Hi yes i think so, but need to configure, i think in this mode

i hope this help you in case write me back Regards

I’ve send you an email with a clone.php with SMTP support via PHPmailer, please check. Thanks.

Just to say that I’ve fixed the error, it’s working now, thanks for the great script.


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