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is it possible to highlight the search term?

Absolutely!, that is possible. We will rebuild with first update.

How retry data from database?

masalan if you buy this, come with script code. But we told in documantation “How to List from database”. After you buy, if you will not connected with database. Send mail to us. We will help to you. Sincerely.

Before Buy its i ask you if you can install it for me , u say YES, if you change your mind, just let me know.

Hi masalan if you use php we will help to you. “YES”

It`? nice but i search some tables for large number dedicated servers order form.I cannot to find nothing on codecanyon for my needs but this table is most closest to my needs.

Hi our first customer!, in the live preview, we don’t add perfect search. Actually demo page is imperfect.

We need a some feedback. Especially what do you want?

Would you be open to customize (i think something very easy for you) the data source to a Google spreadsheet (json) pherhaps?

ps: livepreview not working…. :-(

Hi Cusi, Sorry for late reply, it is possible. But we are developed to support XML. Actually we can make to support json or xml, and Google spreadsheet but we are interesting different project.

?f you buy this date table you must be re-built data table or your xml. Because we added language pack into the xml.

We can provide support to a limited extent . Firstly, Give XML from google spreadsheet http://ctrlq.org/code/20004-google-spreadsheets-json.

Secondly, your . xml file convert to .js format.(change type).

Thirtdly, add to our MyController($scope)

If you know php programing you can make with different way.


Does it work with RTL text


Hi engahmed, Yes this is support RTL.

Just you add class(rtl) and you will give this properties style=”direction:rtl; unicode-bidi:bidi-override;” We can help you. After you purchased, contact us. Have nice day…

Hi, cool. But I’m not too happy with it.

Please keep maintaining this code. It needs a lot of cleaning up. There isn’t anything else on codecanyon that is similar, so if you work on this, make it look really really good, you’ll get good reviews and more purchases.

Right now, I have a bit of a headache.


Thank you so much for ideas stizzi. Actually we updated. But it was no approved. We are prepare some updates. We will update in 2 week. Thanks again…

Hello uniqueidea,

From where the data input is coming from? I really enjoy the way the information is presented but I want to know how can I add my information? Is it XML based? from a Database? how it works?

I want to use in a personal project In a tablet with no internet connection, this is why I want to know If I need a server or is just client-based.

Hi giles14. No need internet connection but you need a client (localhost ex:Wampserver , Xamp … etc. ). Datas come from json. Project really have simple and enjoy way for input date. (Project will come update for databese)

Have nice day…

Hi, I’m assuming that the table connects to a mysql ? Is it possible to connect to an uploaded CSV instead? thank you.

We are sorry fore late reply. This project support to Mysql connection but doesnt support CSV export/import. Have a nice day.

is an update coming , i would like to buy but given the comments I would rather wait.

Hi Faisala, after the bought, send to us email. We will send to you last version of project. Have nice day.

Are there any plans to support csv or other flat file system?

We have not any plans about csv. So sorry for late answer. Have a nice day.

Hi, how can I set a

listentry as Hyperlink? Thanks
Big sorry for my too late answering; ”< a ng-href=”http://...{{your variable}}”>Link” Also you can look at angularjs home page https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/directive/ngHref

Hello, is it possible to add other fields? And then showing all product details in other page? Thanks.

absolutely, data, time,text, price, img anything else…

And showing all product details in other page?

yes, but you add to js files css files and be careful to angular js format.

If you have any problem you can contact with us info@uniqueidea.org

Thank you st1s

Keen to buy. Can you add more to the table after Stock, Model, Price?

Can I see a working demo?