Rarle Automation (PostgreSQL, Express, Angular, Node)

Rarle Automation (PostgreSQL, Express, Angular, Node)

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Design your schema & your APIs will be ready in seconds with the client panel. No installation is required.

Save 1000+ hrs of development time.

Run-on Multiple Platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac, and Unix.

Server Features

  • Authentication Integrated
  • JWT Authentication
  • Create Account Using Email & Password
  • Login Account Using Email & Password
  • Create / Login Account with Google
  • Create / Login Account Using Phone Number (OTP Based)
  • Reset Password
  • Update Profile
  • Update Password
  • Create Operations
  • Read Operations
  • Update Operations
  • Delete Operations
  • Conditional Operations
  • And Statements
  • Or Statements
  • Relational Operations
  • Paginations
  • Files Operations
  • Emails Operations
  • Validations
  • Postman collection to access the saved examples

Client Features

  • Auth Operations
  • Create Operations
  • Read Operations
  • Update Operations
  • Delete Operations
  • Email Operations
  • File Operations
  • Validations

App features

  • Full source code shared (Both Client and Server)
  • Simplified installation and configuration
  • Easy deployment to production server
  • Respond quickly to user actions
  • Load fast and provide an offline experience
  • Well, structured and clean code
  • Clean endpoints
  • Best performance
  • Build with MVC architecture
  • Handled errors carefully and explicitly
  • Carefully designed to fit in any project requirements
  • Easily Customizable if necessary
  • Fully documented
  • Easy to configure

Installation Instructions

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Change log

26 March 2023

 Client - Angular version updated to 15+
 Server - Performance & code quality improvements

9 September 2022

 Server - Google Login
 Client - Angular version updated to 14+, Google Login, Email Example, File Upload Example

18 July 2022

 Server - Conditional Operations
 Client - Create Account

7 June 2022

 Angular version updated to 13
 Rest API New Features - Update Password, File Upload, File Download
 Code structure improved

4 February 2022

  New feature - Password encryption & code quality improvements. 

3 December 21

 Initial release