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Good work, GLWS.


The outro animation of .slide-bottom-top needs to be fixed. The out animation is same as in animation.


Thanks for feedback. That is issue of only demo page not of real files. I will fixed in demo page too.

Amazing.. great work! GLWS!


How many custom built animations one can use using “start build”?

There is no limit. You are free, how many times and how many you want.

This is quite good, but there is quite a flicker in IE11 at when you close the popup windows. Its pretty unusable for me at the moment it.

Hi John, Thank you for your feedback. Actually, this is not originated from my code. This was reported issue of angular.animation.js. They said that, they will solve this issue in their next release. In some cases, using angular.animation.js with keyframes causes flicker on animation start and end.

However I have my own solution named as jQuery.ngAnimate.js has approximately the same functionality with ngAnimate. It is lightweight animation control utility. Alternatively you can use this, if you use jquery in your project. You can use jquery.bsAnimate.js instead of ng-animate.js for controlling bootstrap.js components.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try, I am not using Angular for anything else anyway.

Hello, I just download this and don’t have a vast knowledge of jquery.html or angular. The html documents you have included are quite complex for me. Is it possible to get a document or two, with a div and image animated with just the minimum code needed for the animation. I need a “simple” example so I can see what is happening. I fear that everything you show, deals with modals and I never work with modals. Thank you very much.

Thank you.

I prepare some simple example dor you in jsFiddle http://jsfiddle.net/ao8jug6f/1/ I hope it will be clear for you.

That helps a lot. Thank you for your time.

Awesome…. Great work :D

Hi! just wondering why the font icon is not showing up when i locally accessed the start page. also, is there any option to not minify the generated output from the builder?


Hi font-icon is not part of the project. Sometimes font files are currapted when zipped. Please try demo in Chrome for font-file. And, in this version, builder minify th css file. You can beautfiy the css by using some online css beautifier tools, like http://cssbeautify.com/

Hi again. yes it looks like the font files are corrupted from the downloaded zip file—so i had to grab them from the demo. i hope there would be a checkbox option to let me choose if i want a minified/non-minified version prior to build. nevertheless, this is nice tool. thanks!

Hi again. Thanks for your suggestion. I will try do it for next release.


Can this work for simple animation of elements, for eg. slide in a image or text div, and on page section load? Ie. a one page website where page sections are loaded?

No, is single page website so by the time they get to section it’s loaded already. What I’m asking is there a function where it loads when they get to that part of the website? Like onscroll?

The project contains both Jquery and angular.js helper scripts for managing CSS execution. You can apply add-remote classes in a setTimeout function or in a scroll event function. Namely, this is depends on your javascript ability. CSS would be executed when classes added and removed.

Sounds a bit too complicated for me :) Thanks anyway.

Any chance you’ll port the animation engine to GSAP some day? Or perhaps create another lib based on GSAP? That would be sooo cool…

will there be a angular 1.4 update ? This does not work with latest angular

I just bought this and tried with angular 1.4.8 (and angular-animate) and it doesn’t work at all. There isn’t any errors or anything. I simply opened up the demo you have included and changed the CDN paths to 1.4.8. and it broke it. My project is using 1.4.8. is there any way to get this working with 1.4.8?

CSS’s work any version of AngularJS. However, bootstrap direvtives don’t work with angularjs 1.4+. Actually you don’t need bootstrap directives. You can use http://quantumui.org instead. It is free and open-source.

demo not working