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hey from bj, I think something is wrong with the game. When you win lvl 2 goes directly to lvl4?

I check some time,but can not Reappear this bug.i will try to found it. thank a lot.

there is a bug in level5 -

thank for Remind,i already fixed it,and updated a new version,now waiting for Approve.

Can it zoom in or zoom out ? I test on demo can not zoom in and out.

The current version does not have this feature,i will try add in new version.thank~

Level 10->11 bugged. You can’t select level 11 after finishing level 10.

thank for Remind,fixed it,now waiting for Approve.

Demo only has one level, or I don’t know how to play?

It is very slow on the iPhone 4

demo has 14 LEVEL.This game is for html5,have no IOS Optimization

Nice game , 5 stars :D


Hello , Good Game , I need to Talk to you please aDd My facebook https://www.facebook.com/AlexOFuryYDAyXyy?ref=tn_tnmn I really need to talk to you ! .

thank,but in china we can not Visit the facebook..,Government blocked…

I bought the game and when I run it, it only works on level 1, please help

i can send a new version to you.my email snow.gd@hotmail.com because i can not update the new version in this site ,always error.

hello.my email is snow.gd@hotmail.com,I can send you a new version.

I want to purchase this but before I do I want to know how hard it is to change the template/theme… I want to use my own characters, background, etc. I would also be willing to hire you if your available to do these changes for me. Also, I would need it to be properly responsive on iPhone, Android and iPad. Please send me a quote or advise me on how to make these changes.

Thanks, -Keith

You can use other character in this game.Now i working in new project,So can not Customize for you,very sorry about it..


i bought the game, downloaded the zip file and uploaded to my website, but only the first level is playable.

Besides that, I need to integrate with the game, saving the player score inside my DB. Inside the zip file there’s only the plain files, a brief doc, but no project source, except for the huge javascript (~1Mb) which is almost unreadable. Is there any other sources that i’m missing?

Thanks in Advance.

i can send to you,My emil.snow.gd@hotmail.com

Hi, I purchased this game but no editable assets included. Can you send me editable files? Thank you in advance.

Thanks, I’ve sent you an email!

It does not work on Firefox… And I dont know how to change splash home image (Only an image as an introduction) Any solution?

...And many thanks for your support! ;)

my email?snow.gd@hotmail.com i can send to you

have send

Your games are made with Construct 2 right? They come with the capx source file?

yes,i can send to you,the c2file

hello, can I use this game on my WordPress ?


before I buy i want to know if this includes construct 2 files?

before I buy i want to know if this includes construct 2 files?

hi i can’t open the url,you can send mail to me:snow.gd@hotmail.com