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is it compatible with iOS 9.x ? your descriptions says works on iOS 8 only ?

Yeah sure, we’d gladly help you with that.

any idea where can i get a new skin ?

our user interface designer would help you with it =), so you can get it from us as well

nice work, i wish you good luck with your sales ;)

Thank you so much , it is really amazing having such an awesome support from you guys =) . We wish you more success as well . Again we appreciate your kind comment _

I am interested in app but first:

- no mention of ads network?

- where can i get asset to replace what you have?

- you said you commented out everything, if so how would the app work?

- any android version?

Dear Isaac, you can easily integrate it with Admob , if you have no idea with that , our developer would help you to get it done ! for the assets , we will send you new asset, and lastly i commented out the instructions to help you understand the code if you want to change the mechanism of the app. unfortunately there is no Android version.

I found the app in store and tried it. Its OK but noticed following issues:

- No option for recurring reminders :(

- tested it and it did not alarm me after the set time

- you can’t edit an existing reminder in case you need to change date / time

Dear Isaac, you have said it did’t alarm at the set time,The app takes the time that you put precisely, even it takes the seconds with it , so it might you have put it let’s say “2:30” but the alarm did not fire exactly at “2:30” however “2:30:45s”and that’s because the app starts the timer and ends it in the same second you entered the wanted date .

For the third point, we didn’t put a button to edit an existing reminder on purpose , so the user won’t delay the tasks .

I’ve just bought the app, I found it really amazing and different. You put much effort on it and the code is easy to understand and well organised. One more thing, what about the reskin assets? I need some help with it.

Dear Mrspringy, Thanks a lot for buying our product and we are glad that you liked it. we are more than happy to help you our designer is working on the reskin assets and we will provide you them today, how you’d like to receive them ?

I will send you my details on a private message

Can you please add admob interstitials and admob banners and also add a feature to email the task list?.

Also are you displaying admob interstials only after user granting permission to the notifications display warning message?.

Thanks a lot Prakash, We will send you the code in few minutes.

The interstitial is activated after 10 seconds of entering the app, you can modify it the way you want,it is so easy to modify and make it appear the way you want.

hello, do you have documentation how to remove the ads and change graphics? Thank you

you are welcome, hopefully you like our project =).

Thank you for the great video! Super support. I hope you will publish more assets. I will purchase them all :)

You are so welcome =), and we are glad that you liked the video& don’t hesitate to ask us again ;). Thanks a lot for your kindness _.

Your app looks interesting and I like to buy it. Do you provide custom skins with the regular license? If not how much are the custom skins? We would also need the feature to edit existing task titles and add/edit reminders of existing tasks. Is it possible to have these features?

Hello shrae123, I’m glad that you liked our app! you can choose from our ready made skins each one cost 15$, regarding the extra features and unique designs send us a message :)

Excellent job bro =)