Angry Moon: Abnormal To-Do List and Reminder

Angry Moon: Abnormal To-Do List and Reminder

Do you have tons of tasks to do, do you keep forgetting what assignments do you have ? Did your mom get angry at you again because you forgot to buy the milk ? Did Anna break up with you because you forgot to meet her We have the solution, This moon is our gift to you, to light up your sky, keep it relaxed by doing all the tasks as it gets angry and turns red when you have lots of pending tasks It was never that easy to complete your tasks and meet your deadlines!

Features and Requirements :

  • Coded Using Swift 3 on the latest version of Xcode 8.

- Supports Admob ( Banners & Interstitials ).

1- Fully functional to do list application with extra features!

2-Universal App (iPhone, iPod, iPad) supports all iPhone resolutions (including iPhone 5&4) iOS 8 compatible.

3-Local Notifications: easy to configure and schedule as you wish

4-Easy to change the backgrounds and assets(we provide you with new skins and assets ).

5-The users can track their tasks progress inside the app.

6-Easy to understand and update, rated as 5 stars app on App Store.

7-Ready for iOS8 and Higher including the latest version of IOS 10.

8- Highly interactive with the user :

- The moon gets angry when there are a lot of unachieved tasks.

- Flowers appear as a reward when the user achieves a task.

- The Moon gets back to its normal state gradually as the user is finishing the tasks.

- Attractive UI sounds & attractive UX design.

9- Adding tasks.

10-Unlimited tasks and lists.

11-Setting the priorities of the tasks.

12-Reminder of the tasks.

13-Simple & awesome.

14-work on all devices of iPads and iPhones.

15-its category Productive and Utilities .

How to Setup and Reskin? Setup and reskin is very easy. i commented out everything in the code to lead you for your own customisation , including all images and assets .