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Hi, first of all, thank you for this beautiful game, it really helps!

I would like to edit fishes’s animations, but they’re not in the PSD file. Is it possible to have another PSD file with all the fishes animations or the Illustrator files used to create all the fishes?

I know I can edit the PNG files, but I want to work with the vector file.

Thank you, have a nice day.

Hi! Thank you for the kind words. I created the animations with Anime Studio Pro. So I can send you .anme file (it contains all fish animations). I also have a .psd file but it contains only one frame of all animations. I can send you both of them if it helps. Send me email via my profile. Thanks.


how can i build the APK file to upload on play store? any video please?

thanks hamza

Check your email :)

Hello, can you please send me that video please again thanks

Hello, email sent.


We bought your game “Angry fish” (extended license) and we have problems to install the game and play in Windows Phone devices… It’s possible play this type of game in this operating system?

Thank you!

Hi. Thank you for your purchase. Unfortunately I don’t test my games on Windows Phone devices so I don’t have any experience with this OS, that means I don’t know what is the problem. However, I found an article which could help you.

Hello, I bought a license and I would like to know:

Is it possible for you to change the scoring system to numbers, for example: chicken 100 points and star 50 points? I need to save the score in the database to display a ranking of the best players.

Hello my friend, I’m facing many issues with your game after generating the APK file. the issue is, after completing the third or fourth levels the next level doesn’t appear automatically until i complete the previous level four or five times.. do you have any new edition or game files ?? can you please send me those new files? as really many users are complaining??


Hi, sorry for the late reply. I found the bug and it’s fixed now. I updated the files on codecanyon but it will take a few days to approve it by envato. If you want it urgently, I can send it to you via email.

Thanks, Can you please send it to my mail

Any reply?

Is this game can work in Android studio for Reskin

Can I submit it to App Store ?