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can i add my site logo & link ?

Yes,of course~ If you use the end product for free,you just need a regular lisence~


I’m unable to play the game using chrome, it only showing black background. Is this a bug?

It’s not a bug~ Please test the game in firefox~

“Projects do not run from disk (the file:// protocol). Browser security limitations generally prevent projects from working when on disk. So we don’t support this at all and it’s no surprise if your project doesn’t work there. Didn’t you see a browser prompt telling you that? I added an alert when running on the file:// protocol that should say “upload this project before trying it”.”

Quoted from Ashley.

I see, it running properly on firefox.

Thank you for your purchase.

Nice game. You can more type of moles like the ones with helmet which would require two hits or another one holding gold for extra points or time.

Yeah~ thank you for your advice.In this case I just offer the main system for newcomers.Next game will be more complete~~

Yep,since it includes Construct 2 project it easy to add new features on your own.

The program doesn’t seem to change the score- each time the mole is hit the score doesn’t change. Help please?

I didn’t understand your mean clearly.You mean the score system doesn’t work?

can I add a logo on the back of the game? is is possible to substitute the castor for another image?

Yes,If you purchase the game,you have right to do this.

can we change the creative assets? Can we have multiple beavers of different color/looks?

Can I hire you to make customizations to this game? We have our own moles and background we want to use.

Sorry for late reply,I think I have no time go with this project,I’m busy recently.sorry about that.