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Hi, do you provide reskin and changing charchters?

Hi almanac,

Do you want more information about our Re-Skin service? Please contact us here: https://odigames.ticksy.com


Hello. I bought regular and extended licence. No buildbox file is in Zip File! Please provide it! Without Buildbox file this project isnt usable

Hi Ttte12,

Sure no problem, the Buildbox file you can download in our Support Desk at https://odigames.ticksy.com please make a ticket and we send you the download link.

And BTW the project is usable without the Buildbox file, only you have to use Xcode, Eclipse or Android Studio


Ok. I submitted a ticket. Sure its usable without buildbox. But not really customizable -)

:) if you have Buildbox it makes things much easier indeed BB file is ready for download

Does it come with the Biuldbox project file?

Hi Sykesstudio,

The Buildbox file is included in the Extended License.


i think something went terribly wrong with your update today … can you please check it. thanks. (just the documetation will download) btw, did you just update the docu or also the code itself?

Thanks for the message! I will contact Envato right away! No, only updated the Tutorial with a few extra pages.

Can you please tell me if you have an android studio version of the source code, Thanks!

please contact us at https://odigames.ticksy.com


it’s very confusing this site https://odigames.ticksy.com !! please provied me with the layered files????

what you should’ve wrote in your listing is that this is build box and only build box compatible, you are obviously not familiar with android studio nor eclipse the graphics you provided with the android source code are in the form of pngs that contain different characters, it requires lots of work to reskin the code in android studio!!! this is not professional at all! especially your reply on odigames.ticksy.com

Hi Odigames, i have purchased the item just now but when i downloaded it all i got is pdf file only??

You’r welcome :)

Hi Odigames, admob banners and interstitials are not showing up in simulator, and i can see hide ads, hide banner in debug section


Every 3 visits the interstitial ads come upper the pause game, game over and main menu, you can change that if your want, there are no banners BTW you have to implement that yourself if you want that.

Please use the support desk next time :) https://odigames.ticksy.com

good job, i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks mate!

Hi I need purchage your item but du you have version android?

Hi trirach,

There is an android version (eclipse) inside, we give that for free with the iOS version, but we give minimal support on Android… so keep that in mind.


no problem for support . do you have version android studio

You can import the eclipse project in to Android Studio

Do you have demo for android ?

No sorry we don’t

hi please share apk file

Sorry, no APK you can watch the movie

hi is there a way to generate sprite for reskining character as atlases files, its too hard to make it manually


please contact me on https://odigames.ticksy.com there we can discus this.


and BTW with the regular version you can re-skin, many buyers do that… but with Buildbox it is much easier to do.

hi i submited a ticket as you suggest on https://odigames.ticksy.com


Hi, I am interested to buy it. I have a few questions before buying. 1. If I buy regular license, what I understand is that I cannot sell it in App store and cannot use iApp purchase. So could you support to remove iAP purchase function? If you remove iAP, what will be happened in the game especially shield function and shopping cart at the right corner? 2. Can I only use xcode and eclipse without using buildbox? 3. I have a plan to upgrade extended license. If I upgrade it, do I need to pay full amount of price or will you kindly reduct the current purchase price? Thank you.

Hi naylinaung,

Thanks for your interest in one of our Game Templates!

It is correct that you can not use iAP with a regular license… I can remove all that at no cost but please contact me here https://odigames.ticksy.com so I can better assist you and make you an offer.


hi, there is some misplacement in the game buttons and views for iphone 4 and iPad. all the buttons and some screens are totally off the screen and the game is therefore almost unplayable. can you please fix this?


Please open a ticket at https://odigames.ticksy.com so we can be of better assist you.


no thanks, there’s no need to get a ticket. you should just update the errors so its playable. so please fix it and release an update here. thanks!

hey whats up? when can we expect an update? your code has massive problems! and no i don¨t need a support ticket! i bought it here and not by odigames! so whats up? to all others – don’t buy from odigames – don’t worth it!

you tested it and do not have and see a problem which you fix and updated? common … don’t think cc-customers are stupid!

I really don’t now what your problem is, we did test it on a REAL DEVICE and we had no problems what so ever, then when we receive the screenshots (from a nice customer) and he told us that he was testing the game in Xcode we did check that out and we also got the same problem…

why don’t you ask for a refund?! I really don’t have time for paranoid customers like you! Why are you so hars?? the only thing I ask you was to create a ticket so we could solve the problem, now another client did it for you and we solve the problem… what more do you want?!

Really don’t get it… anyway, this is my last comment on this.

just because i don’t give my data to anyone not trusty and so therefore not to odigames!

Also ive purchased the buildbox version – extended licence, can you email me the buildbox file as its not in the downloaded file

ok, send a new link for you

Buildbox file i mean pal for Angry Cave Lady :p

OK :) send a new link for that also

Hi, I’m having some trouble getting to your support team (your website contact page doesn’t work and Ticksy is down). How are you supporting this product now? Is there an email I can use?


Hi, could you give us the correct email address. Thanks

Hi, we have sent you an email. Could you please response . :) Thanks :)

the update only consist of a bb-file – missing any ios-project. could you please fix this …

Thanks for letting me know ;)

no problem …