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Hi, How many levels does it have ?

Does it support gamecenter ?

Hi! :) Now it have only 6 levels. Geme center now is don’t support.

if you need more levels, please contact us: And we talk about it

how hard is it to make more levels?

It’s easy to add new levels, you need create new level define and sett objects. Game class with levels has command like you need add now objects to level.

And you need button for calling new method like buttons in my project. :)

Is it possible to change the circle to something else?

Of course, you can set any another images.

Can we have different balls?

It’s work on iPhone 6?

Yes, it’s app work on all current device!

64 bit support?

Of course!

I can’t find iAd banner, where do I edit ids?

I have a question for ABLevelSelectorScene. When you are on the scene you can select any level including the ones that are locked. I was trying to make it where the player has to progress from each level and can only unlock the next level if you score a 1 star or greater and so far I have been unsuccessful. Also how do make it where you can only click the levels that you have completed and not the ones that are locked with levelID.png image.