Discussion on ANewZ | Native Android News App for WordPress Site with AdMob & FCM PUSH Notification

Discussion on ANewZ | Native Android News App for WordPress Site with AdMob & FCM PUSH Notification

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Black Friday Offr ?

sorry, price is already very low… can look for our WPNewz app….it’s only $7….thanks

I need show only articles image and title in app. so how can i remove articles description from app. Help me

go to layout folder…open activity_post_details.xml file and make visibility = gone to to the post description

Can you make this app with news list viewer with facebook ads, also with native banner ads on scrolling more news.

After publishing the post from the WordPress website, clicking on the notification will allow the application to read the post? I mean that the notification will open in the application?

you need to send notifications from our custom push dashboard….....please check out the demo app video to know about how push notifications works in this template. thanks.

How many pictures can you have per post? Are you able to add google maps to it with HTML? And how do you contact support if there is an issue or question? Im ready to buy and start my project.

Hello brother,

Here is your answers -

1. 1 picture per post

2. for google map, you need to explain your detail requirements. please send us email about it

3. for support, you can contact with us via email. our email:

I want to show only one or two categories from website not entire website post how can i customize that? its possible or not. pleas reply as soon as well.

brother, our app by default shows all the categories from a site. but if you want to show some specific categories from your site, the source code needs to be customized. purchase the extended license, we will do the customization within 7 days. thanks.

Hello, I bought your application, you can add function Swipe to Refresh all conten in mainActivity help me ? thanks

just replied to your other comment. check it please

hi bro ! The application can support the Japanese language ?

it’s possible. but for this customization, you have to purchase the extended license of this product.

What is the price of it?

It’s $45. Please go to the item details page and click on the ‘Regular License’ option beside the price tag. And select the ‘Extended License’. Purchase this license and we will make this customization within 7 days.

Hi , please check this crash error in google play console:

Samsung Galaxy S8 (dreamlte), Android 9 Report 1 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

at dalvik.system.BaseDexClassLoader.findClass (
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass (
at ad.loadClass ( (100408-231259764):4)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass (

We noted it. Thanks.

Hello I cant connect the app notification system with wordpress. I can send a test message with FCM, (firebase test message).

But I have 2 questions: 1) How I can connect the app with wordpress so notifications will send to the divices and 2) I want users to go the to the article inside the app when they press the notification and not open the website that view the article, is that avaiable in the app or i have to code this function ?

Hello sir,

1. 1st customization is currently not possible.

2. We are planning to.integrate the 2nd customization in our next update.

Question before buying: 1. Support service is good? 2. Need coding skills? 3. If you can not use, get a refund? Thank you.

Hello sir,

Here is your answers -

1. We provide the best customer support in this market-place.

2. No coding is needed. We have rich technical documentation.

3. We provide free and fast support to our customers in project opening issues in android studio. If you have any question regarding the customization documentation, you can ask. But, no refund is granted if you cannot use it.

Hope that you got your answers. Thanks.

This app load adsense ads from website or not . Because adsense ads not allowed in app

Hello sir,

Our app doesn’t show the adsense ads. In post details page we show only the post contents not the adsense ads. We already integrated admob in our app. Thanks.

it means this app automaticly block adsense ads

Hello sir,

It is not a webview application. We show only contents not the ads or custom plugins. You can send us your site url, we will test it and show it to you.

our email:

Need customization , 1 list view , 2 nd notification selection option for different category for automatic push notification after new post . Can it be possible plz see

Hello sir,

Your required customization cannot be done with this template. Thanks.

Hi, good work, can i add login system from firebase? and customize the layout for latest post from home or any category? Thanks for the reply.

Hello sir,

Please send us an email so that we can show you the way for the necessary changes. We will contact with you within a few hours with the answers of your queries.

Our email:

Thanks, please check your email

got it.

Support Arabic language ? My website is arabic

Hello sir,

It supports arabic. Thanks.

Hello sir,

We just started a discount offer of this product for a limited time. Hurry up!

connect with Json Api or what?

Yes, connect with WordPress via WP REST API offered by WP API TEAM . Thanks.

Nice Work,

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you, sir :)


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