Discussion on Android Yellow Pages (Place, Location, Search, Directory)

Discussion on Android Yellow Pages (Place, Location, Search, Directory)

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I can’t see the native admob ads, do I have to do any additional configuration?

For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

adding sub admin or manager option available ?

No, Like that option not available. Please check demo app/admin panel then you will get more idea.

Hello, can this app be translated into Spanish? an works in android 12?

Hi, It’s work in android 12 and you can translate in Spanish too but must check before purchase demo app/admin panel.

Hello, thank you, if I checked the administration panel, however, I did not find the option to translate language, can you tell me where it comes from or tell me if that translation option already exists in the paid version? Do you plan to add the option to qualify the supplier in the future?

Hi, Once you purchase code, you will document the file for installation/setup and from the admin panel you can’t translate, in android code u have to do changes in code then it will and u can add your data in Spanish via admin panel. If you want to customize the whole app/admin in Spanish then you have to do via customization. As per policy anykind of installation/setup and changes/modifications not included in free support. For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Dear Team; I have some questions, can you tell me the cost for setup for Android and Ios?

And also, is it possible to have a front web version?

Hi, For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

can you tell how to get data from your api using postman?

Hi, Sorry many things we can’t share with you. For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

I don’t use Skype, but I messaged you on Telegram.please check there

We not use Telegram so you have to contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Is it possible to add sub-categories?

Yes, Possible with customization.

How much you will take to add this function?

For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

hello, please i want this app in Android and IOS is it possible ?

For iOS need to develop custom version.

Dear Sir, we have 2 question : - we can edit the home page to show the categories - we can add sub categories

thank you

Even we can’t found your Skype name. Maybe some issue in Skype that’s why.

please check : live:bilalz_8

Can’t search. wait for some time, will try after some time.

Good luck with your sales

Yellow pages app not work properly in android 7 why ?

show only splash screen. how to fix ?

We will check.

Do you plan to release a IOS version of the app? When will you next Andriod update be released?

We will try to update soon android version and for now don’t have any plan for iOS version.

Hello, Can’t login with admin/admin after folowing the documentation… Please support

Hi, You need to setup complete admin panel as per document file. Your db not configure complete so can’t working. First setup admin panel as per need and configure db then it will work.

i have contacted you on whatsapp…


I am about to purchase this source code now…...doe sit comes with Web App, Android App ?

It’s only available in android app.

today suddenly a strange problem appear, when anyone try to open app then only splash screen open and app not run after this. i am not change anything

Maybe issue from hosting.


plz check this app not work proper in android 9, when i client on google map icon then app close automatic but this is work fine in android 7. i check in 4 mobile and same problem face.

thank Team as per your instruction, i fixed this problem. you give best support to your buyers, thanks a lot

today i sent push notification with image but image not show on app, please check something changes in firebase ?

Ok, we will check.

is it support Image and YT Videos in the description details?

Hi, It will work and support.

Looking great…please answer me this

01. Is this source code is updated with latest admob and play store policy, like 64 bit, api target etc.?

02. Add a Contact form system where user can contact us with their details if they want to list their businesses.

03. In the home front screen under the search bar, could be even better if you add the categories in a scroll-able horizontal list view.

04. And inthe home screen below the featured lists, if you add last 5 recently added businesses, then could be even better.

05. In admin panel just add a filter option to find the featured Listings.

06. And a review option with user sign up/login system, with review enable and disable system through admin panel

Is it supporting more images? I think in the admin panel Description area support the images?

Hi, 1. Yes it’s 64 bit compatible with latest admob 2. Yes possible with customization 3. Yes possible with customization 4.Yes possible with customization 5.Yes possible with customization 6.Yes possible with customization 7. More image > Yes possible with customization

As per policy anykind of installation/setup and changes/modifications not included in free support.


Hi, i sent you sms on whatsapp, but what i want is can you customize the app for me, add Blog, booking and download, because on education category i want people to download the joining form, and other category people to do booking, so i can pay $22 for App and tell me on my whatspp number i used to check you ended with 112 how much i need to add. Please do me a favor, i like this app, please, please

Hi, This time on whatsapp not possible to talk so better please contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

thanks for release update but no new feature

Whatever available that all good for now. Thanks for understand.


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