WebViewGold for Android – WebView URL/HTML to Android app + Push, URL Handling, APIs & much more!

WebViewGold for Android – WebView URL/HTML to Android app + Push, URL Handling, APIs & much more!

WebViewGold. The WebView solution that just works.

Create your own app for Android with just a few clicks. Use your mobile site as basis and this Android Studio package wraps your URL (or local HTML) into a real, native Android app! No more coding, no more plugins needed. It just works.

  • Optimized for high performance
  • Modern Android Studio code package
  • Chromium web enginge
  • Easy: Just define your URL (or your local HTML folder) and WebViewGold takes care of the rest!
  • Native Android activity indicator while loading your URL
  • Native offline screen with „Try again“ button if your app can’t connect to your URL
  • HTML 5 Audio / HTML 5 Video / Geolocation / ... supported
  • Define which URLs should be opened in System Browser instead of your app (for external links, e.g. Facebook/Twitter)
  • Android Multitasking supported
  • Custom color design
  • File Uploads supported
  • Custom UserAgent string supported
  • Image Saving API (use JavaScript to save images to users Downloads folder)
  • First Run dialog (e.g. „Thanks for downloading this app!“)
  • Rate my App dialog
  • Follow on Facebook dialog
  • Cache Management
  • Push notifications via OneSignal and JavaScript
  • Free support + free updates
  • ...and much more!

What’s new in the latest update?
Please check the changelog here.

How will push notifications work?
You can insert a piece of JavaScript code in your website to define a push notification, which can be shown after your app was closed (while scheduling it during the app is open). This works without OneSignal configuration at all. If you want to use further remote push notification functionality with OneSignal in your app, the backend will be your place to send notifications to your users. The SDK is already included and can be activated easily.

What version of Android Studio is required?
WebViewGold is optimized for the latest non-beta version of Android Studio downloaded from the official site.

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