Android Webview with admob and Rate my app

Android Webview with admob and Rate my app


With this Android WebView App, convert your website in just a few minutes to Android complete App. The item is complete, with Menu, Rate my App, custom message for no connection, Admob Ads and inside of the menu : home, refresh the page, Share the App and close the App
Well documented help guide will help you to customize easily it with your needs.

You just have to change some website url, your images and admob ID. Then, you can submit it to Google Play.

Sample video files extensions with mp3, mp4, 3gp, youtube links and videos on youtube website.

Update Version 2.0

- New in this version: -

  • Software updated to sdk 19.1
  • Android 4.4.2 (jar)
  • Change libraries to Google Play Services
  • Change ADMOB ADS to Google play Services + Admob
  • Change Rate to a better library
  • Added Upload script to function for upload button

Update Version 1.3

- Agregate Menu in the App -

- now have: -

  • Home menu
  • Refresh page
  • Share the App with FB, Twitter, Message, etc.
  • Close the App

Update Version 1.2

- Fixed bug in project with Back Button, now the Back Button works -

Update Version 1.1

- Fixed bugs in project with Rate my App -

Feature Version 1.0

  • 01- Splascreen
  • 02- Progress Bar
  • 03- Admob Ad
  • 04- Custom message when no connectivity
  • 05- Custom Error page
  • 06- Nice Rate my App
  • 07- Call and email with one touch
  • 08- Play YouTube Videos
  • 09- Play Mp3 files
  • 10- Play Mp4 and 3gp Videos
  • 11- Step by step guide