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Any chance that you provide a installation guide here or as download? I’d like to see myself first what it needs to set your app up before i buy. Thanks :)

Hi and thank’s for the link, so let me get this straight: Android WebView App is a programm for PC or Mac and i can create native apps out of lets say for example phpdolphin and i can also use my custom themes and brand it individually right?

So? Yes/No? Yah/Nah? :)

Yes :)

before i buy your script

i want to ask

1. this code support splash screen? and in splashscreen can set delay time?

2. support notification with onesignal? and if i press notification directly go to article in my web (my web using wordpress)?

3. can set internal and external url? i mean if i set my url in internal url, all my url web opened in webview, NOT in default browser, can you?

4. can set intens whatsapp?

5. can download with google drive or dropbox?

6. can set pull-to-refresh (disable or enable if not used)?

important to me is notification with onesignal (can this script opened and directly go to url article) and splash screen to can set delay or auto showup splashscreen?

sorry to many ask, coz i Disappointed to three source code (i buy to in codecanyon, but not according to my wishes

are you sure about this?

YES FOR ALL i ask?

not lie to me?

sorry because I’ve bought 3 script on codecanyon, and until now there is no suitable.

if you lie? one of the questions that I mentioned above can not, are you willing to refund my money?

Certainly, I’m not lying. Even if I can help you Issues During Implementation. Placed I am also to repay.

i test your demo apk.

1. in permissions not feature download or upload (sd card can access) 2. splashscreen if i press “ENTER” not go to other page 3. not feature pull to refresh


Hello, I would I would like to be able to TEST your APK and put it to the test so that I could decide on the purchase. I clicked on the DEMO APK and it sends me here: http://chupacode.com/codecanyon-apk/demo-all-appnetwork.apk

I would like to know if your APK works well with WOWONDER SCRIPT

Hi, I put upload limit

1. I see that you havent done anymore updates, will be updating the software anytime soon? 2. If I purchase your product, could you please make my website open up like your APP on Google Play? I have my Google Play Developers Account

No problem!

1. Does this purchase at $20 come with the android source files so that I can further customise the app 2. And are these source files such that I can open them on android studio and that they are not encrypted meaning I can easily open and modify?

Yes to ALL