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How I Install this Script

tutorial included in the purchase

Could you please add download manager to the application

Ok .. I will insert soon

Hello! If I purchase your product for my WoWonder Script, could you install it for me and present it working so that I could load it to Google Play ?

“Also will your Webview APP update automaticaly with Google Play after every WoWonder Update?” yes

I tried using the features under the WoWonder APP and I couldnt Load Music oh Videos to the site. Its not working. My concern is, will all features WORK if I purchase your Webview APP and will you INSTALL IT FOR ME and GIVE IT TO ME WORKING?

Can you tell me where my demo you tried? .. Because the APP works seamlessly with all scripts


Ivanzru Purchased

Hi, I bought an app, but do not know that I install and upgrade to Google play. Can you help? I use WoWonder. Thanx.

Yes, send me private message.. :)

does this make your wordpress site into an android app?

okay Ill send you a PM in 6 hours my friend, Thank you very much!! when we are done you get 5 stars :)

See you later .. thanks

I’m ready, we can do even now .. send private data to Teamviewer

Appnetwork, will you be providing other New Updates to your product?

Mi sono imbattuto in un grosso problema, la maggior parte dei giochi non lo caricherà dice il browser app è in privato in modo che i giochi hanno bisogno di accedere a storage locale come posso farlo modalità non privato? Ho usato google traduttore per noi risparmiare tempo :)

6.00 pm ok?.. :)

Così possiamo risolvere questo problema? 18:00 Va bene sarò qui :)

Hello Appnetwork I was about to make my payment and now you RAISED your PRISED… Can I still get thee other $17 price?

Between 30 minutes left I put the highest price

Hello the payment process but I have NOTHING!

Contact ENVATO

I have a site with Sngine. Will this work and how it’s better than the webview app that comes with Sngine? What kind of push notifications your app has?

No push notifications

Dear Sir, I am interested in your APP, but, I do need it only for PHP DOLPHIN not for other social networking mentioned in description, can i customize it i.e. with php dolphin app customization. are you available for freelance for customizing the same. Do u also work with PHP DOLPHIN Web Customization. Do you have permission from Pricop (Author of PHP DOLPHIN) Thanks a lot

You certainly can customize at will .. Explain to me in private what kind of customization would like to apply. Thank you

Hi, since your app doesn’t work with my site, I have got a new solution can you please except a refund if I start one with Envato? Thanks

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your scrip is have a bug. i cant use your app. why you not help me.

What about session lifetime for webiew and I want the user to login onetime using webiew since webiew logout users every time ?

Kindly advice

Can i have a demo link for the APK or any video link for the same to support PHPDolphin script.

Demo is down. I need ot test before i buy

Demo pls