Support for Android Webview App Source code with Firebase, Admob & Push Notification integration

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Is this an Eclipse Project or Android Studio?

Both, the zip file includes both Eclipse and Android Studio projects. After purchase, download the ‘Source Code’ > Extract the .zip file > Go through your IDE folder (Eclipse or Android Studio) > Extract the zip file to a ‘New folder’ on your Desktop or somewhere else.

Open your ‘IDE’ (Eclipse or Android Studio) > ‘Import the code’ > ‘Replace the content’ where required following the ‘Documentation’ that comes along with the ‘Source Code’ > ‘Generate Signed APK’ and Finally, Publish it on ‘Google Play’.

Cheers :D

Facing trouble during initial setup i.e., while importing code to my IDE?

Then, Shoot me an email at I will get it touch with you ASAP.

Still, if you can’t figure it out where the problem is then will try to fix it using Remote desktop. Just make yourself available online at the time I state in the email for troubleshooting.


PRESALE question: How works GCM? Do you include some php script to send GCM notifications to this app?

Yeah, there is a dashboard for composing and sending notifications. The push notification service we integrated in this app is known as Pushbots. And its Free.

Just google it. :)

The Version 1.7 comes with Firebase integration. S o,now you have two possible ways to send notifications. One from Pushbots and other from Firebase console. :grin:

Does the Source Code include Documentation? has all step by step instructions?

Yeah, each and every feature and implementation procedures has been explained in detail in the documentation. On extract you find the .pdf file(documentation) in the respective IDE folders (Eclipse or Android Studio).

Just follow the documentation carefully right from the beginning to the end to minimize errors while debugging.


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