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Hi Author,

I already have purchased this nice script but I need some help. External links are not opening within the app. Actually my domain name redirects to another website and I want to open it in the app so could you please let me know how can I enable external links to open within the app.


you can, just remove your website url from your myappwebviewclient which ypu can find in your main activity.

Thank you for your help. One more thing I want to implement that my site’s font is less so when it opens in the app it looks small. User is unable to zoom in or zoom out with in the app. What is the solution for that ?

Error:Execution failed for task ’:main:processDebugAndroidTestManifest’. > Manifest merger failed : uses-sdk:minSdkVersion 1 cannot be smaller than version 7 declared in library [com.android.support:appcompat-v7:23.1.1] C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\OkVizag\main\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.android.support\appcompat-v7\23.1.1\AndroidManifest.xml Suggestion: use tools:overrideLibrary=”android.support.v7.appcompat” to force usage

Hi please help

The new version is live now. Download it!


hi i have download new version but i found EROR sdk, can you hwlp me.. EROR: “Error:A problem occurred configuring project ’:library’. > Failed to find target with hash string ‘Google Inc.:Google APIs:23’ in: C:\Users\IT 12x\AppData\Local\Android\sdk” I have download sdk tool 23, but still eror :(

Hi, reinstalling android studio with sdk location at C:/Android will work. Please try reinstalling it with Google API version 25. If you still face the issue then email me at nkssrikanth@hotmail.com


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I would like to remove or disable completely Admob from source code. Please point me on the files and codes should be removed from your app source code. Your guide does not indicate this rather it provide URL to general eclipse site which does not really help.

Just remove the ad unit ids for banner and interstitial in your strings.xml

Nevermind I figured it out

hi app crashed whenever clicked tel: link for android 6 and below, can you please check and let me know

tel://0891-123456 this how you should give the link

My videos in my app do not have a full screen button, but in browser it does. Please help.

before i buy your script

i want to ask

1. this code support splash screen? and in splashscreen can set delay time?

2. support notification with onesignal? and if i press notification directly go to article in my web (my web using wordpress)?

3. can set internal and external url? i mean if i set my url in internal url, all my url web opened in webview, NOT in default browser, can you?

4. can set intens whatsapp?

5. can download with google drive or dropbox?

6. can set pull-to-refresh (disable or enable if not used)?

important to me is notification with onesignal (can this script opened and directly go to url article) and splash screen to can set delay or auto showup splashscreen?

sorry to many ask, coz i Disappointed to three source code (i buy to in codecanyon, but not according to my wishes


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how to disable adsense in webview

can u send android studio project?

The project included in zip file is Android studio project only.

so many errors when extracting

Send me the screenshot to nkssrikanth@hotmail.com

Can i integrate deeplinks?

Hi, if I buy I can pay an extra money, for you to configure, I need only the icon without ads and menus. Just open the whole site in webview

Please Provide me the files built with Android Studio 2.2.3 compatible with android version 4.0.3 to 7.1 (nougat). Your project keeps giving me this error: Error:Failed to find target with hash string ‘Google Inc.:Google APIs:23’ in: C:\Android\sdk….. I have installed all the SDK’s but no luck !!

i have problem, please fix this. thx

Error:21:57:13.540 ERROR 21:57:13.540 ERROR FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. 21:57:13.540 ERROR 21:57:13.540 ERROR * What went wrong: 21:57:13.540 ERROR Execution failed for task ’:okVizag:processReleaseGoogleServices’. 21:57:13.540 ERROR > Malformed root json 21:57:13.540 ERROR 21:57:13.540 ERROR * Try: 21:57:13.540 ERROR Run with—stacktrace option to get the stack trace.

I have a web app in Bubble that requires Facebook Login and upload files from inside the webapp but when I use other webview templates these functions don’t work. Would they work in your template?


I need your help. I update the content on your cell.

Thank you