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Hi ! can you make a video splash for ios ? if yes i will buy it ;)

Sorry, andether15…i work presently on android platform.. However thanks.

Is it possible to have that mp4 file streamed? and will it only move to the next page when the file is done playing.

hi myoffices, there is no need of streaming, as it will be already in in your raw folder…and it is at once loaded. . once its all done then it will take you next activity. thanks for you inquiry!

What tools do I need to compile this? Can I sell my end products on the android marketplace? What do you mean by next activity? Can this activity be an .air file exported from Adobe Flash?

Kind Regards.

You require Google Android SDK and Eclipse IDE For Java Developers. The next activity means what next you want to take the user to! This for android platform and not for Adobe air. However thanks for your query.

so I just create .mp4 add it to your template and compile? It would just be a 3 minute loop no need for further activity. Will this be a problelm?

that’s no problem i have tried it with video of length more than 4 minutes and it works perfectly well. the next activity can be disabled from with in the code with little modification.

i think it is good idea to distribute your video/videos packed in apk

Do you have a step by step tutorial? I have no ideal what to do. Please assist. I have made the purchase as promised.

Hi robanderson thanks for your purchase

please read the included help file..however let me know what problem are u facing

i have to say its pretty cool just a bit hard for a beginner (like me) to implement to an already existing app. Things kinda go insane.

Still a great job.

thanks for nice comment.. however let me know if there is some issue at your end.. regards


its just me i am not advanced enough to merge the two together. but i can get your original project up and running on the emulator. like i said it works and looks great. i just need to study and learn a bit more.

was wondering if this can be configured to show the splash screen once a day or at specific intervals. thanks

hi, this code allows resized video? i’m implementing an app play videos in fullscreen but if the video ratio isn’t same the screen, the content video is stretched. I need know if your code allows this, for purchase it; or can you help me with my problem? Thanks

sorry, full screen feature is not implemented in this code. however i will see to this in near future.

hello can you add demo apk file to test it before purchrse?

hello have you included the documentation on how to include it in our project

hello can you add demo apk file to test it before purchrse?

Hi, can you add demo apk file to test it before purchase?