Android Ultimate - Material Design UI + Features Template

Android Ultimate - Material Design UI + Features Template

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What is Android Ultimate?

Android Ultimate has over 25+ Modules embedded in a single template. These modules are categorized into three sections like
1. Material Highlights
2. Android Patterns
3. Bonus.

All these are modules are Ready to be used in your project. Every Module is imported into the template with a simple demo of the module. You can take a look at the setup section, Video tutorials & use these modules in your project.

Material Highlights
This Section includes all the Highlights of Google’s Material Design. Such as Toolbar, Tabs, FAB, Recyclerview, Pickers & Dialogs.

Android Patterns
This Includes all the common patterns of Android App. Such as App Intro, Login, Pull To Refresh, Textview & UI Elements.

This Template has over 8 themes. So change the App color according to your Mood

Well Documented
Every Module in this Template has Documented in a understandable. Even the Foreign projects are also Documented. You can take a look at the documentation here


Material Highlights

Android Patterns


Modules List

Material Highlights
1. Toolbar
2. Material Tabs
3. FAB
4. Dialogs
5. RecyclerView
6. Bottom Sheet
7. Scrollbar
8. SearchView
9. Picker

Android Patterns

10. App Intro
11. Login
12. Swipeable Layout
13. Bubbles
14. Achievement
15. Pull to Refresh
16. ListView
17. Text View
18. UI Elements


19. Sweetsheet
20. Text Surface
21. ShareView
22. Elastic Download

To create this Awesome Template, we had to use some open source projects. We have described in documentation and shown in our demo app how to use these projects. These projects are from GitHub or elsewhere. All of them have licence that allows us to import the project in our project and then sell it on Envato.

We will list every foreign project that is used in this project with a link to it in the Documentation. If you have any questions regarding lack of foreign projects documentation, don?t hesitate to email us. We will try to help you.

Do you think that we have missed any great module in our Template? Then you can share us in our feedback form. You can also send your requests for new modules by filling this form

What Do You Get With Android Ultimate

    1. Ready to Use – App Source Code with 25+ Modules
    2. Well Documented Doucmentation
    3. How To Do – Video Tutorials

Online Documentation