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I have emailed you. please let me know what is not working or where do you have the problem, We do not know which part are you referring to. What do you mean as “application getting terminated in between”.

Email me your actual problem you are facing. So we can support you or guide you.


I want to buy this template but saw eclipse as IDE, does it mean this template doesn’t use android studio? Must I use eclipse?

The project is on Android Studio. There is no eclipse project included

“Android and PHP knowledge required to setup the app. Please email me in order to setup for customized cost” . i have no konwldge about android and php, how much fee to set up this ?

Hi. Can you please email me on anm.nasrullah@gmail.com

Pre Sale question: hi, is there an ios version for this? do you do the installation and apk build if we buy this script?

Yes. There is an additional cost for installation and build.

Please email me on anm.nasrullah@gmail.com

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question: full android studio files and UI included? so i can self custom for the app title and icons?

Yes complete Android studio source. You can customize the UI and the functionalities

Hi, i would like to know if i can do with this code the follow: - translate to portuguese - add new payment form like cash and billing -Open end edit the layout with Android Studio 3 ???

Hi, i would like to know What is the amount the system supports for vehicle training and simulated run information?

This project is built using with Android Studio IDE, It will support any version.

You are getting the complete source, yes you are able to do modifications like translate to any language, add payment and billing.

You are required to have Android Java knowledge if you are doing modification