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Tebatso Purchased

I have installed everything and they are working but when we log as a user, the map is blank. what my be the cause?

Did you add the Google map API in the manifest file

Will I get both user app and driver app if I buy this script?

Yes both user and driver uses one app with different login

Hi I have buy your apps, set the android code in android studio & php files in my website sub domain for testing purpose. But I got this error message when trying to login/register (toast said server is down). May I get support for how to fix this. Please contact me by my email ericxeckstein@gmail.com

E/JSON Parser: Error parsing data org.json.JSONException: Value

Please check your email

I want taxi booking app.

You can purchase it

Hi, I want to buy this app. I have some questions. You use some framework for web app? and I need some license for use?

Web is not having any framework. It’s coded in PHP

I need some changes, specifically to change the type of what im booking. ehat i need is not a car but something else. can it be done? also i need to change the payment gateway to https://moip.com.br/

Ok email me the changes and your requirements


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Why are you stopping apk (DEMO – Android Application APK) after I register. He is locking

What you mean by Locking. There is non like that


agbsites Purchased

Apk demo, test on ARC Welder chome Locking. I’m going to buy the app today. I will need support for Android and payment gatway www.pagueseguro.com.br

Check your email I have replied

Hi , have a good time … booking are real time for driver ? application has notification on time?

Yes booking and notifications are real time

Hello Author,

I want to buy the App but i want to ask if you are available to help customize the app based on some of our requirments?

I look forward to your prompt response

Hi I’m Available for custom modifications according to your requirements.

Please email me your modifications


I am looking for an app that can track tow trucks. Where the user can create an account, the tow truck or service provider can register with us as a service provider. If a user needs help they can click on the tow truck button and request a tow. Also, if they have a flat tire, out of gas or locked their keys in the car they can ask for help.

Please let me know if you can do it and if you can quote a price.

We can modify the this app to achieve your requirements. Email me.