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I am very interested in buying your solution. I have these questions: To personalize it with company logo, installation on a server of its own, and to be presented in Spanish. This is possible ? What is the cost with these conditions? The last question: Do you have something for messaging management like what uber is implementing? Beforehand thank you very much.

We have a messaging feature where admin can chat with drivers. And send locations details of passengers via admin panel to driver. It’s a separate feature which costs extra

Thanks for your reply. Regarding messaging, is whether they have contemplated the service of sending documents, packages or goods with the same taxis. I also want to know if you can create an APP with the logo of the company, and that everything is translated into Spanish. Thank you.

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Hi. I need to have many categories so I would like to know if is it possible to create an extra feature in which I could create many category in admin panel and user should select which one of them at first hand and after that he will se only selected category in the map. As soon it is possible, how much could it cost. Thanks

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I give your product a Five star rate, Thanks for the Good work. Nice and working application

Thank you so much. Please rate it from your download page in codecanyon

Hi , I am Interested in buying your Application

But i want to know

Is there documentation Available to set up application and get it up and running ?

Does it come with full source code? and can i customize it ?

It come with full source code. It has guide to setup api services.

You should have good knowledge in Android and PHP to setup the project


Falola Purchased

1. I get “Error! Try again” whenever am trying to add new driver from admin backend. 2. The map on the app isn’t displaying, but no error message.

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Hi, i have took a look all the comments, it seems your product is good. I’m interested in. I have a question. Do you have IOS version? or do you have plan to develop IOS version ?



We don’t have the iOS version yet

Hi, I have the same question as well : ) Do you have IOS version? I’m interested in buying the the Android version if IOS version is available. Thank you!


We don’t have the iOS version. :)

Is it possible to the user call the taxi using website, not app? I need client using website and driver using app

No this isnandroid app. We can add for website if you want

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i am so interested in your app, but lack of IOS version, do you have plan to develop it?


No the iOS version is not available

Hello, dear I have already bought this product. I have a few questions. Do your app supports and works in British currency and google maps? will you customise app and the web on my company brand name or I will have to do it on my own? do you provide web and admin panel installation support? please answer ASAP.Thanks

Yes I’m available to add modifications. We can change the currency and the map to British. Please email me


I own a bar. I have 4 passenger vans (cars). How can I setup a system where customers go on their phones to request a ride to the bar? No payment setup required as its a free service. Please advise of everything I will need and include links so I can find everything I need to set this up please. Thanks very much


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Hello, I’m interested in your app. Can this do carpool, where users can request #Seats and show seats availability to a specific location?

Yes we can customize.

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