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Dear sir, I’m wondering whether if i asked you some modifications, such as logo and icons, the payment can be done via Envato or not. I notice that you asked for 150$ for modifications.

Im currently planning to have this kind of app, but not for driver, it is for workers. Customer ask for a worker (by schedule), I choose a worker to visit customer, worker can receive assignment from me, and etc. Basically the same like this apps, but it will be for worker instead of driver. Another thing, can you add time, length or position of the worker (just like uber apps)

Will be waiting for your reply.

I hope I replied you in email

Hi. I’m interested in your code. I would like to know if you can customize it for a courier service (parcel pick up and drop off – like UberRush). Please can you get back to me via email? or you can give me your skype or email so we can discuss details. Thanks. PS can this also be used to build an iOS app?

Hi yes I’m available.

Please email me. Anm.nasrullah@gmail.com

Hi. Thanks for your reply. I’ve sent you a mail

Hello I am very interested to purchase this code. How much you will charge for integrating everything in to my server and generating the apk with my server URL integration.

But Need the driver app and user app separately

Yes I can make the app in two different applications

Hi, how to put API key on php file ??? i got problem to open track driver menu, thanks.

Hi. Please email me. Anm.nasrullah@gmail.com

Hi, not update for a while. Does it work on Android 7.1.1?

Hi it works on Android 7 and late too

i need both app Android and iOS

iOS is not yet completed

Hi, I need to make an adjustment.

add telephone number and the user clicks and can call the taxi

How much do you charge me?

Hello I emailed you


rj0403 Purchased

hi, sent you an email for pre sale questions…thanks..

Yes replied


mwai Purchased

Hi, I would like have the customization for the solution, Let me know whether this is possible.

Hi yes I’m available for customization. Please email me.


gorance Purchased

Hallo Mohamed I need the password recovery backend php script can you send it to mee thanks


Please can you email me. I will forward it to you

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We dont let any one re sell our code and earn any commissions there were some authors .reselling and doing customisations. And we have reported them and envato team has removed and blocked them in this case. So we kindly request you to take down your service if you have place on any websites or personally.

my intention was not to sell the code just to create the perzonalizable images and to supply the color canbio line in the css file would not deliver any code, however there is no problem.

I hope you removed the item you displayed, Thank you so much

Hi, are you support multi taxi company’s ?

I looking to buy taxi app for my city not for taxi company.

So, when someone open app, he can chose taxi company, his location etc..

So, piramide will look like: 1. Admin (me) ( first on piramide ) 2. Taxi Company’s ( second on piramide ) 3. Taxi Drivers ( last on piramide )

Thank You

Hello, we have the multi account app. Please let me know your requirements by email. we can discuss further.


Hello .. Good evening,

Please, you could send me the full application price updated until today, I would have updates of this application and which means of payment because I live in Brazil.

Thank you very much in advance

please email me. So i can reply you the details and payment


Thank you

Hello .. Can you customize the app as per my requirements . WHat would be your extra charge for that?


please let me know your requirements by email.


Is firebase FCM provided or any king of push notifications?

Can you please be clear? Please email me anm.nasrullah@gmail.com

very good night I want to know the requirements to install this application and I want to know if you do an initial installation of it and if you calculate the price per service since this option does not need it

Yes i am available for installation. Please email me for faster response.


cuanto me costaria toda la aplicacion android con la web traducidas al español, e instalado en mi servidor, junto a la app compilada funcionando lista para subir a playstore?

todo por $ 150

Hello, I am interested in having the application customized for a secure airport drop off and collection service, please can you quote me to customize logo’s colors and have it published to the store for free client download?

OK we have managed to get the app working. We have one issue though when the client selects collection location as “my GPS”, it comes through blank all the time? I see you mentioned earlier that it should be converting to an address, this is not happening? what is required to resolve this?

can someone assist me with updated DriverTrackActivity.java and DriverPositionActivity.java files that no longer use the depreciated getMap()

Hello, Can you email me your issue so i can support you faster in email.


Thank you

Is android app on AndroidStudio ? What api does backend respond? Json or XML?

Yes Android Studio.

And JSON is used for webservices

i need installation guide for me my email is kositt91@gmail.com

Please email me the purchase id, and i will send you.