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Hello, I wonder if you will implement more features in the future. Because after 1 year you didn’t improved it at all. Admin can’t ban users/drivers and many other features other developers are offering for same amount or less.

Hi thank you.

But I have implemented many features and I don’t want to sell them here for $45 :)

Hi and thanks for prompt reply,

I think you will make your app more powerful and grow sales if you release more features. For future and past customers.

How do you charge per new mods/addons?

Good luck and hope to see this app jumping over 1000 sales.

Thank you.

Thank you

The charges are decided on the development time taken as per requirement

When the driver accepts a reservation, does he have the passenger’s location? Or just an address?

The passengers location converted to an address

Hi after purchase it what I have pro version or not? Into folder there is a admin file? Tnk

You will get the all the source files

Hello, good afternoon, read the comments

Please, you could send me the price of the complete app updated to today, describing all the functions and what it would cost you to install it on our servers the application

a greeting..

What are all the functions you want add. For installation and setup with server it costs $150

We need the customer to select the taxi by tapping on the screen. Which can be booked in advance. That works in ios.

Works in ios

a greeting.


It is only for android.

Horrible ! I do not understand how such a bad product can be rated as quality! It is a product with no quality compared to others here. I regret a lot for the purchase and do not recommend anyone to buy. A backend where you can not edit driver data, see race values, delete a user. You can not do anything? Not worth the amount charged and has very poor documentation!


Please note that:

The descriptions doesn’t say that it’s comes with driver edit or customer edit. And also there is a demo web admin. Where you can see that there is no edit for driver. So why are you blamin us for features which is not mentioned?

And we will never add or give features like edit and delete on the admin panel. We have restricted them because we cannot give all the features for just $45.

If you are a developer you will understand. And if you are not a developer you cannot setup this project. The documentation is not for you. It’s for developer who will understand and set the project up and running.

And furthermore I have supported you via email and I have emails which I have guided you on setting up with the app with clear instructions.

I hope you understand

Does not show me the map in the application nor in the administrator. Can you help me? Thank you


Please check your email

Hi! You can make a feature in the App if I pay a plus?

Yes I am available to add features..

Please email me. Anm.nasrullah@gmail.com

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Like your project is good but; when I add a new driver by the web and use my two android phone, one as a driver and other as a user ; but the problem is the user app don’t find the driver on the map; though I make driver online and GPS is enabled

If the driver is loged in for 1 min. The app takes the driver location and shows to the passenger on map.

i cant login as driver can u help me

Driver login is from the menu. Or when you click on the menu options key on your Android device.

The main login screen is for passenger logim

Please email me if you require further support


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if i buy, how much should i pay extra to get stripe or any credit card payment gateway?? You can email me on>>>>>> nobodyknowswhohehehe@gmail.com

How are you? I would like to ask you for an application if you can do it would be very good that the app you saw the photo of the driver and the user would be very nice for the customers who are already and for your next customers, sorry for the inconvenience of this request

Sure. Please email me..


kambz Purchased

hi, i tried importing to android studio got the following error “failed to find target with hash stings’android-23’, not able to find android_sdk file

It’s a problem in your Android studio sdk path. First solve the path issue and then open the project.

Android studio-> file -> open

Hi it’s ready for android studio or is for eclipse?

It’s for android studio and fit eclipse. You will get both the source code

Hi, is there any way to purchase an installation service for this product? You can email me on my email id. Thanks

Yes. I have emailed you

Is it possible to disable or hide drivers registration? I mean, if I have a small taxi company and I want to register only one driver with multiple vehicles… Or to only register taxi company employees, not independent drivers.

Yes can alter according to you company. We can also hide driver registration


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The app crashes when a client logs in…works with driver login…any fix?

You are trying the demo app?


edken Purchased

No…one built from the android project after changing server details, sql and api keys…tried to compile it again in case i had made a mistake along the way…now it tells me server not available…Where could i have made an error?


naz141 Author

Server down occurs for the following.

If you have given incorrect database credentials in config.php


If you have given the incorrect webservice url ..

Please mail me anm.nasrullah@gmail.com