Android Taxi Booking Complete Solution

Android Taxi Booking Complete Solution


Taxi Booking Android App & Web Application

DEMO – Web Application (PHP)
Username : Admin
Password : 123
DEMO – Android Application APK
Android APK Download

Android – Passenger Login

Email – q@q.q
Password – qqq

Android – Driver Login

Email – a@a.a
Password – 123

Login & Register as a client via App

Real-time nearest diver location on the passenger screen. Tap on any nearest driver to request a ride

Passenger history of past rides & Driver details of the driver who accepted your ride with driver tracking option

Driver new pending requests list & Passenger details with options of accepting / rejecting a request

Talk Voice Recognition to find the nearest driver & Filter past ride list

Track all the ride details of every driver

Track drivers movements right from web admin panel

Passenger / User Features

  • Passenger Registration and Login
  • Select Taxi from the Google map
  • Use Google in-built voice recognition to find the nearest driver
  • The application pickups the nearest taxi for the users detecting the users location
  • Use your GPS to select the pickup Address
  • Request any drivers to take your on ride
  • Options to cancel bookings
  • Track the driver till he gets to your door step after the confirmation
  • Driver details and contact details after confirmation
  • Create and edit profile
  • View past Ride History
  • view pending driver request
  • view accepted drivers

Driver Features

  • Login to Application
  • Look for new user ride request
  • Receive notification from users when they request for ride
  • Accept ride request from user
  • Cancel ride request from user
  • Complete a ride after ride finishes
  • Change status online / offline – to appear on passenger map
  • View past rides history

Web Admin Panel

A web-based admin control center allows taxi companies to manage users and drivers. By using the administration panel, taxi organizations can:
  • Register new drivers/taxis.
  • Real time track drivers location on the map on the move
  • View all information of registered customers
  • View all information of registered drivers
  • Detail view of all driver ride histories
  • Filter ride history by location, driver name, passenger name and booking date
The complete Cruzer user manual can be downloaded from here:
Download User Manual

Change Log

  1. Fixed on map marker click popup – 2017-03-26
  2. Updated to Android Studio IDE
  3. Updated guide doc.
  4. Update minor design changes in android app
  5. .
  6. Fixed web google map API key issue.
  7. Fixed server down error on mobile app.
  8. Improved reliability and tested crash test

What You Get

  1. Android Studio Project
  2. Android application source files (Eclipse IDE)
  3. Admin Panel source files (PHP)
  4. MySQL database backup
  5. Guide and instructions

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