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Good luck with sales.

Thank you

i checked apk demo at 5.1.1 android(note4) but dont work.

i checked it at the movement in the car.

Have you enable GPS yet?

yes.but i dont know that fixed or not!

app is compatible in tablate ?

pre-purchase question: does it show km/h?

Yes, of course. You can show mph or kmph

Hello, nice app. can i add some places on google map and when i will near to one of that point play sound ? Thanks.

I have purchased your Speedometer app from Codecanyon. I have removed the maps part from the App and only looking for speedometer as I don’t want to use Google MAP API in the project.

Is it possible to use only Speedometer(max,Average and distance functionality) without Google MAP API’s.

If yes can you please guide me how to remove all dependencies related to Google MAP API

Any update ?

Yes, you can use only speedometer. But speedometer use google play service location api. You still must use Play Service.