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Can this be used to add a function like ” Post to forum ” ?

it’s not possible, its only for email, sms ,Twitter and Facebook share.

Can you share your comments to twitter and facebook at the same time if you are signed in to both via saved sign in? I want to post once and then have it show up on both FB and Twitter.

No, in my plugin , if you want to send via facebook, you need to connect to facebook, and if you want to send via Twitter, you need to connect to twitter.

Hi, Can this plugin send image, text and a link together to facebook wall.

Especially regarding to the latest version of the facebook app.


Actually, i’m working on new version of this plugin to deal with the last version of facebook, but this version doesn’t send image

hi there , you code seems to be useful , I have a question : Is your code has the latest facebook SDK 3.0 ? if not , can you update the code with last FB sdk ? regards

TOOLS?, what does one use to examine/edit?, Eclipse?, Flash Builder?, etc.

i got problem here! how to insert facebook sdk? because everthing about facebook is red line (Error)

congratulation!!! GLWS