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My question : -who enter the feed url to an application? developers or users? - Can enter 2 or more url feeds by default on apps ?


Pl. download and check – 1.Feed is entered by users 2. Yes, For customization of app, pl. send DM

So, I would like to release an app so my users could read rss feeds and news chosen by me (news curator) This is needed as users needs to be informed about news related to one specific niche.

Yes, it can be done. Pl. send Direct Message. Thanks

great app

Thanks a lot

Hi, I buy this application, but after import there are a lot of mistakes on eclipse. Can you help me about this situation?

ok good what program do I need to edit the app ? am new guy on this ?

do I need this ?

Hi We need pre-place our URLS. is it possible?

What is the difference between your latest RSS Android app and this one?

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In this app, Admin adds RSS feed and presents it to user like a magazine. In other app, the user can add RSS feeds on their own.

Cant you have it both functions in one app? I mean admin to add the basic feeds which the user can not delete and also give the user the permision to add her own feeds… Is this doable?

Beside that what other tools else do I need to manage this app?

For customizations, pl. send DM

how can we give an URL to the details of the news whose RSS Feed we entered, leading to the detail page of that news.

Not clear. For custom changes, pl. send DM with detailed explanation

can I change look & feel (logos, icons…ui) in this application?

whe is not uodate for admob


I am a little bit confused and i want to know if this app can gather the RSS from many sites, send them to the app and also organize these RSS from the multiple sites into categories.

It is like a news app. You will have to manually add RSS feeds – in App

the app can do the following: issue 3 counts of day? would be a notification to the cafe in the morning   a notification for lunch a notification for dinner every notification he would seek a blog article Article this random divided into 3 categories would have a category for cafe Maha one for lunch and one for dinner

there is notification for post. if you need extra features than you will have to do custom modifications in code


In project dont exists this jar. com.mobilemerit.rss.R;

Can you help me?


it’s not jar it’s a class file under “gen” folder. it’s a resource identifier class. and create when your xml and resources are correctly declare. if you have any error in xml or resource or jar or library not create. and than inside your code you will get error like not find.

please check your imported library and xml


I can’t build the same as youtube. many errors! Please look again youtube or project.

Pl. send us error log via DM

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I sent now!

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I sent DM. but no reply!

What’s going on?

We will check and get back next week


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Hello .. 1) I want link an example of the link rss which works with the application ?? ... 2) Does the application supports titles in Arabic or not ??

yes it will support Arabic. but if you want to show view from right to left than you need to make changes in xml.

This is a perfect app!! I’m so happy!!

and fine support!!


Someone applications change by my application

sent mail to me

not clear

Someone applications change by my application

sent mail to me

not clear