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Hi ? why This Website is Under Maintenance.

Webpanel is used for everything like users signup and storing users points and redeem requests and sending push to users and etc..etc..etc…

What do you expect for $25? When you can make a minimum of $350 + for every month if you have just more than 1000 users…

And that is you define the ratio of points like $1 = 300/100 points on Adnetworks..,

So.. if you gave $1=300 points on Adnetworks.. and 1000 points =$1 on Android App… then for every dollar your user makes.. you earn $3.33 and you give just $1 and the rest of $2.33 is yours..

but if you give.. $1=100 points on Adnetworks.. and 1000 points =$1 on Android App… then for every dollar your user makes.. you earn $10 and you give just $1 and the rest of $9 is yours… but it will take your users mire time to acheive their target $1..

That is all you will give on AdNetworks.. on hoe to credit the users…..and everything to setup the app and webpanel is in Documentation…

But Rember : 1.More Users you Have More Income you Earn 2. Adnetworks Approval is also Required..

if you have any questions..pls..ask..After purchase.. :)

Enjoy Happy Money !!

Thank you for your attention The last question before deciding to buy your product: 1. Is the plugin required purchases other than webpanel 2. Have included in the documentation of how to integrate with ADXMI Super Sonic Tapjoy (Mediation) Adscend Media Super Rewards

upto now it is only webpanel nothing else..:)

You can buy the code from here :

[$25] Android Code : https://codecanyon.net/item/android-rewards-app-pocket/17413949?ref=DroidOXY

[$25] Webpanel : http://www.codyhub.com/item/pocket-backend-webpanel/

Contact us if you want Admob banner and interestial ads for a price of $25..

hi… please send full tutorial my email,.. because I do not understand where the source code should be in reskin .. please help me


The documentation is in the file you downloaded from codecanyon…

pls..read it

what .. webpanel must buy more … omg

yes! webpanel is required..

why not a package .. I guess this is the same web panel has yet .. omg ..

read the item description pls!!


STATESZ Purchased

ok i cant solve this problem http://i.imgur.com/THJ2APw.png and i dont get any response to how can i do it. I want a refund. Others are dealing with this too, and you are not eaven responding. I want my money back!

Hello.. updating the webpanel to v1.4 will solve this problem.,

Use both v1.4 code ..i.e, Android code & webpanel


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i redid the whole thing, its seems like its working but google play said that its not the same certificate and i have a long SHA1 code. How can i use it in the “new” app? Pls help


STATESZ Purchased

and also i have this yellow thing too. Is that inclouded? http://i.imgur.com/J5hgQXS.png


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Man You told me that you would update the app with referral system and more and still there is nothing. Also you do not answer my comments. I want my money.

I want my money back!

it will take some time..


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I paid for webpanel and my payment remains pending instead of seeing download link for the product I paid for, is that normal?

Just done !

Go here : http://www.codyhub.com/my-account/downloads/

And download the webpanel.. Njy :)

I want to buy this product but I’m not sure based on the comments. Those who have the app is it worth it are the bugs fixed normally? Does your app make you money? Is it easy to work? Do you need to know a lot about coding?

Hello !

Everything is Working fine..no bugs 1. Yes! its makes money.. 2. yes! Easy to work 3. No need of any coding knowledge – just Android studio knowledge is enough on how to compile the apk

Android Code : https://codecanyon.net/item/android-rewards-app-pocket/17413949

Webpanel : http://www.codyhub.com/item/pocket-backend-webpanel/