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Osama90 Purchased

could you please help me with setting up the webpanel

Please Follow the doc…. For a Price ?? yes! Mail us at droid@oxywebs.com

Hey I get some error like this while signing up….could you help me….

org.json.jsonexception value <script of type java.laang.String cannot be converted to jsonobject

its working fine.. on my demo app..

sir i have purchase pocket app but 1.2 webpanel can you send me 1.4 webpanel because i have pay 1.4 webpanel can you reply me

Just seen,, that you have Downloaddd the Web-Panel… Enjoy..


dracverde Purchased

Hi, the images aren’t loading on the instruction pages : http://yashdev.in/supersonic-configuration-for-pocket-android/

How can I add ULRs postback for ADXMI SuperSonic Tapjoy (Mediation) Adscend Media Super Rewards ?

Your demo app and demo webpanel are many bug if u fix app and webpanel better i will buy it.(Can i buy it with bitcoin ??)

It is now working fine..,as Expected.. sorry.. No Bit-Coin payment option on CodeCanyon..

Forgot password doesn’t work on demo app for me. Do you have same problem? and also push panel is not working

Push is working fine,.. my host doesn’t supporting mails..

I only need STMP port ,user,pass, to use Forgot password,right?

I want adscend media account. Please guide me how to get account? Already i mail to them. He is not accept my invitation. Can you create account for me?

I can’t sign up. when i send a sign up, they are not accept and reply me for

Regretfully, we have chosen not to accept your application to become an Adscend Media publisher. We typically deny applications when we don’t have enough information about you or your marketing methods. Applications are also denied if we have concerns about a publisher’s ability to meet our Terms of Service or to uphold the standard of quality we expect from members of our network.

If you can provide us with more information about your planned marketing strategy, please reply to this email, and we will be happy to reconsider our decision.

Hello.. give them your appstore url along with a short decription.. it is enough for them to activate your Account.,


Osama90 Purchased

I have sent you email please reply


the callback function of adscenmedia It does not work, please fix this bug and not give points, The project has many errors, I already have all the networks activated, superreward to complete does not give you any point

ok ! Thanks.. it will e fixed on Next Update

What day do you plan to update the app?


Unqa Purchased

Hi i bought the admin panel i cant find any database inside


Database tables are creted automatacally…

Edit config/config.php and fcm/connect.inc.php files and go to .. your-url/imstall.php

See doc for further details..


STATESZ Purchased

i wrote an email please respond.

less than a minute ago Flag Edit Hello..

Use v1.4 webpanel and upload all files of webpanel to your server..

Can you mail me your url ?

Tapjoy does not add its virtual currency since in its policy it is totally forbidden that the points can be changed for real objects like amazon gift card, please in the following update add more networks and remove tapjoy as it can not be used

Ok! Thanks..


shopnet Purchased

I already bought once this web panel … Why don’t I download link?

Hello.. please donload it from here : http://cyzen.ga

We are moving our site from http://cyzen.ga to codyhub.com


shopnet Purchased

And tell me, where can I download web panel …? See this screenshot http://prnt.sc/ea3j6o

Hello.. Please go here : http://cyzen.ga/downloads/

You are not responding me since long and you left me in a big problem i have to pay ton of money coz of your neglection and still you are not responding me kindly refund money if you can solve the problem in your app you sold me


mesmdtre Purchased

I’m still waiting the update. Tell me how many time will take please.

I’m a buyer can you answer me?


STATESZ Purchased

You are not responding to my emails. I have the same problem as someone else in the comments… when im signing up then this error is coming up: http://i.imgur.com/THJ2APw.png and when i click on the forgot password thing, then this: http://i.imgur.com/3akDVVo.png

what did i do wrong? can you help me?


STATESZ Purchased


i mailed it but i dont think that you are getting my emails so its http://mjaskipappadmin.esy.es

but its 1.4 and its not working. and i see that others have the same problem too. please help!