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can we add other payout option in app ?

yes, you can add any payment option..explained clearly in documentation :)


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How to update from Pocket v1.4 and where I can get web panel update?


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But when I both it there whose different page.


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And before you will ask me of proving you can see your comments int 11 month old pages.

“DroidOXY AUTHOR 11 months ago yes!

you can get it from here : http://cyzen.ga/item/pocket-backend-webpanel/"

This link is not working anymore and I both from here… So what I supose to do now?

ooh! sorry for that..

alot have changed in the past 6 months…and hoping this will be the final change.

so, mail us at support@droidoxy.com for further info on transfering your orders from cyzen to www.codyhub.com

hi, need to know..how i can make money from this app actually? still not clear how this app works.


thanks for your interest..the process is very simple..

1. All offers in the app are from Adnetworks
2. users completes the offers through your app and earn points.
3. on successful completion of an offer you get credited $$ in your adnetworks dashboard
4. you may then give your users a 25% of your earnings …keeping the rest 75% as profit for you..

And Main Thing is, you can customize anything in the app like colors, points system, texts..ect..

for more info, mail us at support@droidoxy.com

Documentation is out of date. Support has not responded to emails. Please remove nativex they do not respond to requests to sign up.

for support mail us at support@droidoxy.com

Hi, If u are a developer please help me, as I cant recieve any from pocket developer

for support mail us at support@droidoxy.com

Can I integrate other networks like Vcommission( India, using hasoffers platform ) ..any possiblity

yes.. you can add anything

and for support mail us at support@droidoxy.com

hi today i buy this but when i go to this site (http://droidoxy.com/add-offertoro-to-pocket) its redirect to (http://droidoxy.com)

we have mailed you with the working documentation links..

For any further support, mail us at support@droidoxy.com..

And please note, it may take some time to respond as we both live in different time zones :)

i have mail you plz check

replied :)

and for any support mail us at support@droidoxy.com

Hey, please replay to my emails, I keep asking for help, and all u say is email support

We didn’t received any mails

For support Mail us at support@droidoxy.com

push notification is not working i have configure every thing [02-Oct-2017 11:09:29 Etc/GMT] PHP Notice: Undefined index: image in /home/digicoin/public_html/app/fcm/send_push.php on line 59

For support Mail us at support@droidoxy.com

Hey, please replay to my emails, I keep asking for help, and all u say is email support


Most times the author is busy if you have any problem(s) you can mail me @ somtomegwatam@rocketmail.com I can try to help any way I can

Thanks, but we don’t encourage it..

Where can I change the texts under the tasks? They do not exist in the string file.


edit those strings in config.java file

replied to your email :)

Hello, please resppond to my emails, thanks

didn’t received your mails..

can you resend them to support@droidoxoy.com


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Still did not received webpanel, I sended you to email. Please send my web panel because I both it from your old site, I will not gonna buy again…

you can now download the code from my account section on www.codyhub.com :)


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thanks man! :)

Hey, I just emailed u

replied :)


Hello, have you updated the Webpanel too? On Codyhub i see only Webpanel-v1.6.

Let me know, Thank you

I’ve read the documentation, but seems that your test app also doesn’t work with google login.

Test app is debug apk file..

Google Login works with Release apk..perhaps you might testing with debug apk too..

if you have configured Google Login using our docs, then Just build a signed apk of release version and test it

And let me know what happend, by replying to this comment !

Hi, it’s not working man, and the app is published on Google Play.

How to set postback for OfferWall?

How to set postback for OfferWall Offertoro?

mail us at support@droidoxy.com with your purchase details

Great Update V1.8 But Something is missing which i am mentioning Here 1. Add Vungle,Applovin,Adcolony,Chartboost Video Reward 2. In Video Reward and Daily Bonus A Timer Must be shown After Uses which show how much time remaining In Reclaming Daily Bonus or Watching Video Reward. 3. Add Feature Where we can add Our reward application through Firebase or server and after installing user will get reward point.For this This app must Read Mobile data which app is already install in mobile or not. if installed they must not be shown in offer zone. 4. Daily Bonus Me be Random From 5-20. 5. Offer Completed and Reward History , Redeem Request history/Status must be shown in the app. 6. After completing offer a notification about Reward Point added must be show in notification bar of device. 7.We can send users notification about new apps added or Offers everyday.

After These Requirement Your App will Boom And All your Viewer who have not Purchase this will Surely Purchase it. Me Also. Thank I can say that you will look in this Points.

sure.. thanks :)

Why do not you answer my letters? jlptyui@gmail.com