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share demo apk

Is a nice app but there is not possible to press “Menus”!
So can`t not see inside menu, only front.
You schould also add Admob so are very importent.

hello thanks for your advice I will take it in mind

hello thanks for your advice about adMob I will take it in mind about menu .. yes it is front .. I noticed that in description the menu is flowing animation so any buyer can add this menu in his app can you settings in menu the app aims to using new controls in android app to motivate anyone

nice app demo or complete app and file sqilite have in app?

welcome ahmed it’s demo app

what about the data inside the app ,?? the app read data from local database or backend ?!

data embedded in code of (Activities , Fragments)

that’s mean , you can add it to your local database

hi so far very nice but very very very basic :( would be nice to add menus, a shopping card with sqlite database, address page and a checkout page

hi yes , but the app contains common features to make any app interactive also, the app fit for all screens devices because it’s layouts on weight of screens without make multi-layout size screens finally, the app in first version coming days will be add shopping card and address page and checkout and with map .. thanks for you comment :)

but with all the feature you will have 1000 % more sales if you make a complete food delivery app. also i would make categories, products with text (without pictures only for the categories) and a button for adding to card,then address page and checkout with overview of the products and ordering the food with a button

aha Great .. thanks Frankyz..

Animations to motivate customers?? really?

I will modify that :)

what time ubdate this source code to new version????? now just like library

after 1 month

where is the admin panel?

this template designed to view items through API’s .. the template about method viewing of items to motivate the end users

hi, great app, waiting for the updates

hi, can you also handle dismiss for the navigation drawer, when you click on blank? thx

hi .. in coming new version .. thank you

APK demo isn’t copatible with Android 4.1.x

Android 4.1.2 LG P760

Hi! Any answer, I would buy but I am not sure

I build app on : minSdkVersion 15 —> 4.0.3 targetSdkVersion 23

so , I don’t think that there are no problems in your version if you faced problems .. can you send error to me to handle for you

hi i’m bought i’m wait for new version nice app

hi .. thanks soon will be there new version welcome ahmed

hi I waiting for abdate what time complete?

hi ahmed sorry .. new version will be available after 1 month because I’m busy I will inform you in case of there new updates

is there any demo in playstore. I want to download and check before buying it.

hi we wait to abdate… this nice app

I need to 3 days .. to push new version with explanation about new updates

where is the admin panel. can i see admin section.

Do you mean Document ? if that , I can send it to you if not no admin section this app template contains some features that can you used in your food app to be interactive

my bro i’m bought this app but need when click on item have passdata>>> thanks

hello ahmid this feature will be available in new version ( when click on item ->details of item) sorry for late but Iam busy these days mostly two weeks from now .. the version will be available

hello my bro new version not available?

after 3 days .. will be available

any plans for ios :)

unfortunately no

new version not available?

how can i DrawerLayout as RTL ,RightDrawerLayout ?

the app not support Right Drawer Layout you need to a lot of changes in code so the Right Drawer will be provided in next version soon

Hi is it possible to have this app in Arabic language RTL design

I stopped the updates on templates but if you want RTL arabic design you need to hire me