Android Recipe App with WordPress Plug-in

Android Recipe App with WordPress Plug-in

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We all want to try before buy. Install the app from Google Play Store and check out yourself. There is a WordPress installation as well to test the plug-in functionality. However to prevent spammers not all the features are accessible for the demo site. You can only view the available options there.

Demo Admin Username: demoadmin
Password: password

Full-Feature Overview for Android App

  • Splash screen
  • Categories tabs
  • Pull to Refresh
  • Load More
  • Asynchronous Image Loading
  • Multiple images
  • Comments
  • AdMob Banner and Interstitial ads.
  • Full screen images
  • Description is shown in a WebView
  • Separate comments screen with pagination
  • Add comments
  • Favorites
  • Application Rating
  • A WebView screen
  • Recipe search
  • Search history
  • Settings to clear image cache
  • FireBase Push notification with images
  • Complete RTL support
  • Complete tablet support
  • Network caching is enabled

Full-Feature Overview for WordPress plug-in

  • Separate post type
  • WordPress Category
  • Control number of comments at details screen
  • Comments moderation supported
  • Firebase Push Notification on save / update

# UPDATE V 1.6 - ( 25 Mar 2018 )
 -Updated Support version
 -Added RxJava library to create event bus to notify content changes
 -Added Android State library to save state
 -Notification with recipe image
 -Comments functionality added