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Hi, I’ll need to use the “Push Client (APK)” to the inclusion of my users?? I have an AP in the Google Play store… will have to inform to all of them do the registration?? Thanks

You need to upload new version to google play with the new code after integrating our system.

I have an app that I want push notification for but your instruction dont say how to edit the Source file for the APK

1 What files do I edit on the APK source file to make useable 2. I do not want an user to have to register to receive notification it must be automatic 3. What do I do with the source file for push notification is completed being updated. 4. I dont want push notifications to have code information I only want the content I submitted.

Please help

You can refer to the attached android studio project to get the code we use to handle messages coming from backend. There you can see how we extract title, description,... And the response is json.

attached android studio project where

When you download the purchased item you will have a folder contains Android Studio project

Are you still supporting this item?

No. The item is still working but we are no longer support. sorry.

Hi, presale question, can this be integrated into an existing app? its built on android studio, its pretty simple and straight forward

Yes. It is built to be integrated with native apps built for Android Studio.

Do you provide tutorial?, i didnt created the app, i just bought the template and made the modifications following a tutorial.

this is the published app, its built on android studio and uses php backend to manage the info.

If you can provide me some mail for you to check the code ill aprecciate

I don’t recommend you to buy our item now. Because google has updated its systems and we did not update the tutorial.

Is it possible to run the push with cron job

I’m sorry. We don’t support this item now. Please check documentation. it has all info.

can u tell me how to select specific user and category with api

Api only send the “message”, i want to add additional title

your app support MI, OPPO DEVICES

I have copied server file into my server but it’s redirect to /install. Actually I have installs folder only. I cannot see my setup page. what should I do?

demo is not working

Does it support html android apps?