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Firebase Invites Need in this app.

i want to purchase it…. but i need firebase invite

Hope we will TRY to add this feature in next update.

Excellent job bro =)

thanks bro

hi, good job.. this project eclips or android studio?

thanks friend. its build in latest version of android studio (version 2.2.3) and supports upto the latest android version 7.1 (api 25)

can i set interestial ads open when exit only?

yes.you can set at any position.but its not recommented by google admob.its legal in other ad networks such as startapp

Can I turn off admob since I want to have my website? Can you generate an apk too to download from Google? Do you have an ios version too?

hello sir, 1.Can I turn off admob since I want to have my website? Yes.you can turn off admob.and you can even modify every part of the app template to your needs.we provide support for even modification for some period. 2.Can you generate an apk too to download from Google? if you are asking that does it generate an google play store ready apk.than answer is yes. 3.Do you have an ios version too? For now only android version.but you can browse across many awesome ios webview apps here on codecanyon. Best Regards.

Hi, can we add some fragments on Navigation Drawer menu

yes, you can add any modifications to the template.please mail me at pgkapps@gmail.com for any specific test. thank you.

Hi, can local HTML pages be added?

yes.after purchasing you can access the source file and full documentation . if you have any queries beyond the documentation you can always mail me at pgkapps@gmail.com

Thanks. I have just downloaded apk and running it on my old Samsung Galaxy S3. Can I link to rss feeds?

cant perform direct rss feed outside the webview. but that action can be customized easily.