Android Product Carousel : Any Where Any Time!

Android Product Carousel : Any Where Any Time!

Looking for a professional & stunning way to show your products?

Yes! Android Product Carousel (APC) is the solution to Show your products any where any time!

APC Showcase brings the latest & simple solution to showcase your products on your mobile phones and tablets anytime and anywhere. It’s an effective and efficient solution for promotion and marketing of your coveted products . A fascinating Carousel presentation will definitely help gaining attention from your clients.

With APC You can add your entire product catalogue, group them into different categories, add detailed description, show multiple photographs/variants for product and display the responsible officer’s phone (for calling , send SMS) or email link for instant inquiry.

So, in nutshell…, APC is simply defined as a tool to create a fantastic slide show for your products specifications for requirements of sellers. It can be for manufacturer, importer, exporter or a dealer, it does not matter.

Save time, energy and money , I have done all the hard work upfront so that you can simply plug-in APC on your mobile phones and tablets and start showcasing your products instantly in stunning way!

Features :

1. Creates a virtual mobile exhibition in institutive & interactive way.

2. Can run even without network connection.

3. Just basic programming knowledge or no skills, just prepare your images load them as instructed and there you go!.

4. Auto creation of thumbnails!

5. Auto reading folder contents from asset folder!

6. Can apply fancy borders to sub items (if need be)

7. Traps user errors at run time.

8. Supports unlimited products and categories (limiting to app size)

9. Support custom animations!

10. Only two activity code!

11. Full support, if you stuck somewhere!.

12. Great possibilities for advance users …your imagination can be the limit!

13. Code is fully commented and working demo included.

14. No database or complex adapters…harnessed the inbuilt capability of android…

15. Optimized with bitmap conversions for custom size…

16. Progaurd obfuscation enabled

17. Super easy to edit and customize, you can decide how many categories, which order, background colors and so on…

18. Uses Html contents & droid font for best rendering

IMPORTANT: The icons used in visual demo are just for example purpose and are not included in the zip.

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