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how does app load images?

its from drawable with format as explained in help file….No need to connect internet…just put your images in drawable…and there you go.. for your show case ….

down load working app here …



Prof Nanda

I missing the possibility to a

-upload images - make photos

and select images from the handy album.

hello, could you be more specific to your query? Please provide some more details to your query so as to extend help from my end regards..

I mean to take image from sdcard Album and Camera. So that the app User can use own images from sdcard Album and Camera.

Hi, your needs are totally different. This project is a powerful app that can display your images/pics for your own show case in an intuitive way..However such app project is underway and you can check later some times … thanxs for ur valuable times for interaction…

Ok thank you !

Is it possible to make a update with google admob ?

Yep..possible..if you buy it i will send you update with google admob

I have buy it ;o)

Sorry but I still waiting on your email with the admob version.

i was busy with plist..now since it has been done…i will work for your requirements…just give me some time… regards…

your admob version is ready..plz send a test mail via my profile, so that it could be mailed to you. regards… Prof Nanda

I have a very good use for this app, but when I tried your demo, the download function said the image downloaded successfully, but I cannot locate the image on my phone. Where does it save to? And can you change what directory it saves to?

it save image to main root of your sd card in demo, but this can be stored any where on sd card


I have just purchased this item. How do I change what folder the images save to? Can I have is saved to a specific folder for my app?

How many picture can be added to the gallery ? If I add my entire wedding album to the gallery, will transform this into an app of 500 MB for example ? Thank you

why not ?

Google has extended the maximum size limit for Android apps up 8,000 per cent from 50mb to 4gb.

APK files will still be limited to 50mb, but up to two expansion files can be attached, with a limit of 2gb each. All files would be hosted by the Android Market.


the images will be access from a web end or we need to store it and compile

what i mean to say if i try to update an image will it automatically reach my users who using this app or one have download the app again for the same

this version is for offline storage..but i will try to bring the on line version in near future..

great app, it works fine although pictures are stretched. Any chance you could email me with a way to use gravity so that images fit the gallery paging while keeping ratio ? Thanks 5 stars

Hey, I’m interested if the online version is already available. Are there any news? And can I also make their own changes, for example with Eclipse? or is it just an apk

Otherwise it looks great!

yes, that’s possible. i will update when i find time( but no fast commitment )

Okay, I bought it ^ ^ I’m looking forward to the update :)

thanks for your purchase .. have fun

Can u integrate airpush because admob doesnt allows bikini girls

yes, it can be. if you need that, i can do it for you..but it will a custom work, so contact me via my profile.


Can u integrate with admob ?

yes , that’s possible

Possible to add a small html caption for each picture ? Thank you !

Please answer… Will buy if OK…

Thank you for answering !

MeNandroid AUTHOR 11 months ago Flag this version is for offline storage..but i will try to bring the on line version in near future..

Hi Author Did you update source for online storage of (images folder) Thanks

Hello, can I preload images that I want in this and let the user save them to sd?