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is the code can be edited using eclipse? is it easy to customize? thanks

yes this can edit in eclipse easily and yes it is easy to customize

cant download APK file,

can download now working cool,,,

Does it uses Google play services or old admob sdk?

google play service library used

does this app support Interstitials admob Ads or only banner?

when the app closed its display interstitials ad and in app that display banner ad

Hello sir, I got problem when trying to re-skin this app. When i import source code into eclipse, in documentation says to clean all project and the error will gone, but in my case its still there http://prntscr.com/3u4ol8 that is screenshot after i clean all project. can you tell me whats wrong?

Sorry for bad english

Do you import google play service library while importing admob project ?
Or contact us on skype : viaviwebtech
We will solve it with team viewer.

already add your skype,. and yes i import google play service library too

Okay , ping me when we am online, we will solve it


This app has problem with Paint Book ! When I open Paint Book, draw something and click Save, and get result is nothing on the image (white file). Please fix it ! Thanks !

Hi sir, change the api level please.

Hello viaviwebtech, now this app is working well ! Thanks you so much !

This app has problem with glow function, I make a new APK and test glow pen or black magic, but can not perform the function of glow.

Hello its working fine from our side, please check correctly….see this screenshot : http://prntscr.com/4a22dr

I tried several times on the device lenovo and asus, but the results remain the same, the glow is not going well.

Fine, contact us on skype : support.viaviweb


The application crashes when I try to pick a photo from the gallery with the error message “Unfortunately Android Paint has stopped” and when I click on the save button, I get a saved notification but nothing gets saved.

Can you please provide an update to fix these issues.

Btw I am using a HTC One M8.

Hello sir, can you show me some screenshot of your issue, or send us the apk…because we have checked in the HTC one also there are not such issue occurred. its working fine

Hi I bought this service, (long time ago in august had someone get it for me) and in the readme all it says is ” Android Paint-Android Code Document-Full Document With ScreenShot”, that gives me no clue on how to reskin the app or what to do. Would you mind adding my admob ID to the source code and sending me signed apk, it will only take 5 minutes. I also don’t understand the pictures are they instructions of some sort, anyways would you mind just reskining it for me?

Sir, as a business person have to take care to being fool, there are lots of peoples who do things like that, I am not saying that you are doing the same, unfortunately we have to follow the rules, we can help if you have purchase the code and ask support from the same account, please don’t take otherwise but have to follow the rules..

Have a good day !!!

Someone purchased it for me after I asked them too and I paid them the money, they are gone so I can’t, will you still be willing to help me, please? If you aren’t willing to help what do I do, sit like a duck?

Sir, We are here to help our clients but you have to purchase the code, without purchase the code no any Coder can help you :(

So, its a gentle request to purchase the code to get great support.

Have a good day !!!

in paint book how to change text size
it be good if have a function to select text size
pls answer here i’m not play skype ,thanks

i mean, in color picker circle, it haven’t black and white color to select to use

this is default functionality of colorpicker.


How to add Zoom In/Zoom out functions for this app ?

Thanks !

Hello, I want to buy this app. Do you plan for an update soon?

It says SAVED but where is the saved drawing? I can’t find it on my phone.

restart your phone

When I try to open a picture from my Gallery, the application fails. Can you fix this? My App is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.accesstech.drawpaint

i will check that

Please get this fixed. I have not heard from you since you promised to check that.

its working fine.

hello where is the source? when I downloaded just came screenshot

skype : viaviwebtech

Hello, can you please tell me if your app provides the ability to select a photo from your gallery and sketch on top of it? I.e. Draw a circle around a hole in the drywall? Thanks

Hi SIr, Can you contact us on Skype? ID: support.viaviweb

Sure, thanks!


web4am Purchased

How can I remove the drawer navigation menu…?

Hi, It’s possible with customization.


web4am Purchased

Could you please guide me, how can I do it..?

For more information contact on Skype: support.viaviweb

this is android studio code source ?

Hi, It’s only available in android studio code.