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Good if added push notification… If needed I can add for you push notifications.. skype me salbiz@live.com

Hello great app! However can you provide a video link how to compile the app to apk. As the video link in the documentation is not working.

Thanks very much :D

Thank you very much :D

Hello again,

I keep getting the same error of cityname in the file ALLURL.java

Please, mail me your project files.

Hello have you checked it out? I have sent you the code files about one month ago. Plz I need to finish my project!!! Thanks

hello am still waiting :(((((((((((((

Hi! The new User interested in adding a restaurant can do the registration and add your restaurant? He can then log in and edit your data?

How do i run this in Android Development Tool?

this app have backend?

Can I modify the information of restaurants, delete, block?

hi i emailed you about customising this app. You still haven’t replied back to me. can you kindly reply? thanks


Questions. 1. Does this app work for other country like us, Mexico, Canada Europe etc. 2. Does this app shows waiting time( some restaurant are busy need to wait to get a table) 3. Displays Restaurant Menu 4. Can reserve table? 5. Display deal of the day etc 6. Restaurant opening time? 7. Deals etc Thanks in avance

1.Yes 2.No, Just show Open or Close 3.Using their website 4.No 5.No

could you add category menu, search by category pizza, Chinese , Indian food etc?

Then you have need to develop a customize app.


I’ve put API KEY is not visible in the map app I have.

Can you help me? Thanks.

Okay, Could you send me your api key?


navgan Purchased

Hi, i am facing an issue Missing an expected resource: ‘R.string.google_app_id’ for initializing Google services. Possible causes are missing google-services.json or com.google.gms.google-services gradle plugin. 07-16 20:32:12.374 2701-2701/com.pskpartha.nrest E/GMPM: Scheduler not set. Not logging error/warn. Please help

Please wait few days , I am going to give you a major update.

Do you have ios version of this app ?

can i input new data location??

Love the idea of this app, but it keeps crashing on my phone. Its a Samsung S7 and all options cause it to crash. Its a shame. Love the idea.

Ok, I am going to fix it.

Hi before i buy this app,i want ask you few question ? 1)this app can edit using android studio ? 2)this app can edit list view ? 3)this app can modify layout,logo and colors ?

Yes ! You can

your app have options for enter restaurant menus