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can you make it so i can share what im listening to on facebook and twitter. or maybe just pull up my share menu ?

Are you a android programmer ???

Because of all of your questions suggest, That you do not have any relation with Android Application Programming, I’m sorry sir

Thank-you Sir If you want anything i can help you

Hey can you provide link to google play or apk file please?

hello sir can you give Email ??

will it play an mp3 url? what is the player, ie jplayer? can you place a splash image, and a static background image?

yes sir for all

How do i change the language of your app from chinese to english? The whole menu is in chinese.

Please let me know if there is an option to switch to english or how to handle it via code.

you Can change to any language In the file “res>layout> *.xml

May I have the demo APK file for this

The demo File for Android Player http://bit.ly/12UQhQb

This app doesnt work, its in chinese, the settings saves as a playlist this coding is garbage, if you cannot make a demo app with full functions, why submit the source code. Looks like a decompile of another app

Hello I am very interested in buying this player, just need to know if it is possible that the player read the music of a housting not the sd card?

Please let me know Thanks.


Leave buy the player and revised.

Sorry Sir! but This Android Local music player play Music from local and sd card and about play the MP3 from internet you cad this fonction because this is full app

Thank-you Sir

Thank-you Sir If you want anything i can help you

the app where get the music?

from phone memory and sd card

Great App,

I want to Build an App for a singer with these features: - a “Playlist” created by me. - Imports the audio files from the Internet (URLs) - Users can NOT use it as a Media Player. (not important)

can this project help me?



Could you please link a demo APK? In English menus please. Thanks.

Hi does it support microsoft streams? filename.aspx

can i pre add a playlist with remote urls

This app auto fetches all mp3 files in there folder ?

yes you scan all mp3 in phone or SDcard

It possible select a single folder in sd card? There is a random select of mp3 and face or crossfade effect between the mp3 song? Thanks.

No sir Sorry

Is this admob integration?

Thank you for purchasing products And I apologize for any error

Can this be used to play a shoutcast stream?

Hello, no but i will try to work for this

hello, can u send me Demo app ?

Your app is not ready, there are many problems withe eclips and also withe android studio, pleas solve this issue.

Great job, I´m using it in my site about Facebook Messenger: https://descargarmessenger.net/