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iOS version?

No only android

I think google play is not allowed this app

It is just demo content so you can change it


admin demo please? is the movie store in server? can paste URL link movie? or just youtube? Thank you

yes movie is store in server here you have link http://gabriel7.php5.cz/movie/ name admin pass admin just youtube link for trailer

editing and deleting is disabled in admin demo and push notification works on firebase

Can I add my own movies and then have users choose from those movies? Basically I have a set of instructional videos that I would like to put into an app and let users watch.

You can add your own movies but on video you can use only youtube link

There is an error on Your DEMO APK , unfortunatly ,movie app has stopped

It stopped when you start app? What android version you have?

nice job mate . good luck

Thank you

Demo apk not work s3 neo way?

What version of android you have?

okay try to fix it

can you add Chromecast support?

I will think about it

Nice App: Some Suggestions

1. App crashing on android kitkat 4.4.2 2. Instead of placing categories in a single line, place 2 categories side by side for a good look and to save space. 3. If you have added songs and wallpapers(Both downloadable) feature also it may have justified the app. (Cause so many apps already available in codecanyon with the same features you provided )

You can increase the price after adding this features.

4. I could have purchased this app if i have not purchased another app with same features, but if you updates the above features, i dont mind to buy this one too.

Wish you good luck with sales.

Thank you for your suggestions I will think about it and start working on it

Hi Gabi7

Super, very quick response,

1. Update me when its done

2. What could be the possible time, so i can keep watching you to purchase the updated version?

3.If you want screenshots from other app, i can provide you…for a better understanding, provide me your mail id.

4. (I can buy now and wait for next update , but most of the time many coders forget to keep their promises, that is the reason many wont prefer to buy pre packed promises)

If you want to give me reply, please reply point by point.

Thanks and Good luck.

write me suggestions on email gabi.falis@gmail.com and send me some images i look at it Thanks

very cool work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you

support file mkv or mp4 ?

just youtube links now

i too also have app like this and would purchase this one with what webcetdotin suggested.

also if we can add mp4,mkv,m3u8 links + youtube link as trailer, and Chromecast support. Raise the price of the app after the addition.

okay i try to make it


tvfunda Purchased

hello, how to add banner in movie details page?

Okay i send you when i do it


tvfunda Purchased

any update’?


tvfunda Purchased

also there is option to add to favorites but how to remove it?

Can I buy and pay you for a ios version?

sorry but only android

Can I pay you to make a ios?

Can I pay you to make a ios version? Seems like many people want it and you get sale for it!

Is it only for YouTube links or can I uploaded my own files from backend?

Only YouTube link

Well it be available Inext the future or will I have to pay for a custom work?

Friend could you put the mp4 option? And if possible not only ends but also series, I liked it so much, just missing this to stay perfect.

I paid you $ 75 for these improvements through freelancer.com

Would you accept? Thank you

I dont understand what does it mean not only ends but also series

Hi, I would like to remove ads and video from details page and use the app like some kind of directory listing with categories. Is that possible?

Send me email gabi.falis@gmail.com

apk demo can not be installed

What android version you have?

after opening the project in android studio i saw this message error now im not able to build APK file https://postimg.org/image/a4lkk2o19/

It’s not app error maybe you have a lot of process running when you build or low ram memory try these solutions http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20471311/android-studio-unable-to-start-the-daemon-process