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sayang kok ga ada tampilan screen buat komentar ya

di app yang mana ya gan?

terutama di social app, mang di app lain ada ya?

Tidak ada screen komentar, di app lain juga tidak ada



Hi, we only develop on android thanks

Can you add in new version pushing notifications over firebase in templates?

Hi, this item is UI template only, so there’s no backend services and notification.


I read good comments on this template, so I bought it. I’m anxious to see the code :)

Just see the code and prove it, if you don’t understand you can contact me.

I have an existing chat application. Can I use this template with an existing chat app?

Hi, the answer for question like that is we don’t know, we only sell UI template app, we don’t know how someone else chat app works, so we don’t know its can combine or not.

Thanks :)

I want to buy it but it seems abandoned? no new updates?

Hi, this item not abandoned
When this item need update we will update it.

Thanks :)

Aplikasi Koran. mau nanya gan. misalkan kita tambahin komentar di app, nanti bakalan ada di web engga? dan sebaliknya, kalo kita tambahin komentar di web bakal muncul di app? satu lagi. tambahin fitur untuk balas komentar dong + category pake gambar

Kayaknya agan salah lokasi komen gan, ini di item Android Material UI,

kalau yang dmaksud dengan koran ini https://codecanyon.net/item/koran-wordpress-app-with-push-notification-20/17470988

Iya gan kalau submit dari app bakal muncul di web, begitupun sebaliknya.

how can develop game like this https://goo.gl/aQPS3B Thank you

Hi, we don’t know ho to develop game

Is there any nice updates coming ? I think that the chat App could be enhanced more and more and create a nice chatrooms app.

Hi, I think there’s no update incoming, and this is not full app template so this wil not implemented so far.

Hey Nice Work. Question!!!!!

1) Recipe and Shopper app how to add your products. Is there any admin panel?

2) Also is this a complete source code android project?

3) The project version will they remain to 2.0 or there would be any update?

Hi, thanks.

1. Item is UI focuse only, so there’s no admin panel or backend services, you can find othe item that relevant with my shopper and recipe app here https://codecanyon.net/user/dream_space/portfolio

2. For android this is complete project, there’s Java and xml layout, but all data generated as dummy data.

3. We have plan to add 2 more project template, but not in short time.

hi. You could merge the social app and messenger app into one application? I want to buy two applications

Hi, sorry I am not available for customization

Hey Dream Space,

I purchased your template 2 days back but when I am implementing it , its not showing as shown in screen shots, I tried 2-3 apps from template all are same. List view looks crap , am I doing something wrong ?

Its showing me these errors…

The directory /Users/sushilahlawat/Desktop/main_material_template_2.1/project/Chatting App is registered as a Git root, but no Git repositories were found there. Configure

Invalid VCS root mapping The directory /Users/sushilahlawat/Desktop/main_material_template_2.1/project/Chatting App is registered as a Git root, but no Git repositories were found there. Configure

I am beginner of android UI so, Help me please

Can you show me what you mean List view looks crap. about git root you can fix from File > Settings > Version Control > Delete it at directory

Any ideas on how to add headers to the recyclerView, i want messages in the chatting app grouped by date (Like Whatsapp). Any help here appreciated.

Example of grouped messages: https://i.stack.imgur.com/VI7Sk.jpg

I cannot open your image url

Try here please https://ibb.co/fLHSxF

I don’t know how to make view like that.

gan harga 22 dolar beli APP doang atau langsung digunakan? ada biaya tambahan gak kalau minta develop sampe bisa digunakan?

Kalau item ini bentuknya UI template aja gan, jadi bukan full app. dan mohon maaf saya tidak menerima customize app sampai bisa digunakan

Hi, is it just the UI part or some backend part too? I mean does the music player app actually plays music or just the XML files are there?

Yes its just UI part, and there’s no any backend. The music player actually plays music, but its only one music file saved at asset file.

is android studio required for this …? or just drag and drop system ?

Yes need android studio, this item need coding skills.

boa noite, Se eu comprar a regular license , eu vou poder mudar para Extende license ? sem completando o valor ?

in english please

does it support RTL?

most of layout support rtl, some need improvement


dodyrw Purchased

Can I submit multiple apps using one regular license?

unfortunately you cannot do that, all envato license type only allow one purchase for one implementation ( app ), so if you have three app you must purchase three times