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nurzaly Purchased

Hi, regarding News App project.. where to get extra icon used in channel list.. Thanks…


nurzaly Purchased

got it thanks…


nurzaly Purchased

got it thanks…

The following error is popping up and crashing the app. I guess this is sort of Version problem. But I unable to fix it. And I could not find any documentation or comments in the project. Please send the document to pravinrajcs@gmail.com. Need your guidance to solve it.

Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.nichehands.pravinrajv.parent/com.nichehands.pravinrajv.DashboardActivity}: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘void android.support.v7.app.ActionBar.setHomeButtonEnabled(boolean)’ on a null object reference

Hi, one and only documantation I have is included on zip file.

Can I know which project that crash?

Its from the Social App(Profile View of an user) . In my project folder there is a folder named, “documentation”. Inside the documentation folder there is a folder assests and index.html. I unable to find any zip file as you mentioned. Please reply the location of the zip file.

yes from that “documentation” folder you can open file index.html using your web browser.

Then about the crash, I never create DashboardActivity at my Social App. You can check again from my original files.

please add sticky-headers-recyclerview in news app. I want to look news per date.

hi, I will consider it. Thanks

hi i would like to know if i hire a programmer and i buy this template he can make the app pretty with this template? i do have knowledge about material design and some programming languages but that isnt my area in IT.

In case of “yes” , does he need to use an special IDE or suite for the programming.?

Hi, yes, becuase your programmer can mix match from 8 template.

He only need Android Studio as IDE

Dear Sir, Is the navigation between the interfaces on an App functional. All I have to do is adding the server side code, right ?

yes you have to add the server side code and the code at android that handle processong data, becuase now all the data com from dummy static.

I downloaded your applications. I like them even they are missingmany features we find in other items.

thanks man :)

Hello..do you have skype? Want to discuss about this product.

Hi, we only open discussion by email or chat using google hangout, you can see my contact in my profile page. :)

Hi! I need to build a greeting cards native app with possibility of posting on fb, sending cards via messenger, twitter etc. Is it possible?

Hi, Sorry We are not available for custom works,

Thanks :)

Hi there, awesome template i love it, im using Mail App template on a project, i’m trying to make a transparent Toolbar but have not been able to, any help there?

Yes because the parent layout from toolbar and content is Linearlayout, if you want the content and toolbar is overlapping you must use Relativelayout.

Awesome! Thanks

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Hi, do you have any “loading progress” in your template? I can’t find it

Halo gan, ada kok coba buka yang social app di tab ‘Feed’ ada loadingnya, cuman bukan linear loading progress tapi circular loading progress


How do I remove the grey shadow in the appbar under the tabs. This is for the social template.


Thanks a lot

Your support is great

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Hai author.. tanya nih.. ini aplikasi itu 1 aplikasi ada 8 fungsi atau memang pisah pisah aplikasinya ? Klo 1 aplikasi 8 fungsi mantep tuh..

Masing2 pisah gan aplikasinya.

Is this design suitable for Hybrid App Development using HTML,CSS and JS technologies

Hi, This project is development using native java and xml

Hi. If I buy this template, will I be able to customize everything? Colors, fonts ? Tks

You must specify what you want to customize, not everything can customize. Yes you can change color, I am not sure about font.

Thanks :)

Can I download the demo of this template? At the moment there is no demo in app store

You download demo by can click this :

To create a new screen, do I need what files?

Android UI designing can be done either in XML or programmatically in application. But the Android UI designer mostly prefer XML for defining UI because it separate the presentation from the code and makes easier to visualize, manage, edit and debug the App. This Link http://abhiandroid.com/materialdesign/tablayout-example-android-studio.html help to to learn Android and you can got Lots of Free Android tutorials on Abhiandroid.com

Okay, thanks about that information.
Sorry for my short reply because, I cannot found your question here :)