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Great work man, it’s very useful 8-) 8-) 8-)

Thx man,but im a woman :)

How many listings can you put in the xml file and is it on a database or in the device? I would like to use a list of restaurants as my database.

You can put as many as you can, in your case if you want to use a database instead of xml file you need to get your data from it and put it in a our list of position.


i have a question…i need 2 use this for my gps device, it sends the longitude,latitude values and i use an api to convert this info to an address…now i want to use it,like the user can see his car position on his phone, how can this be done ??

if u want i can explain more like what i do and then u can guide me how to join…lemme know

If you want to set your car position, you need to get the latitude and longitude of your car and put it in the xml file or past it directly to our list of position in ShareSN class . I hope i helped you, if you need more explanation, i’m at you service.


what does it do to know the position of the mobile ?? i mean i have 4 sales man, i want to see on my mobile phone, the location of their mobile…how can i achieve that ??

the car answer is sent to my technical engineer, if he has any more query , i’l come back on it

If you want to see the positions of your sales men, you have two solutions: -You can get the positions of your friends from your phone list contact, and put it in our list of position, this may help you http://blogoscoped.com/archive/2008-12-15-n14.html. -Or you can create a web service to synchrone your friends positions in the xml file. Your choice depends in what you really need in your app.

little confused Sir, 2 questions -

1. how will i get the latitude , longitude of his mobile ? by ur app ?? 2. if my sales does not have an android mobile, then still i will get his mobile info on my android mobile ??

If your sales have an android mobile, than you can easily have there coordinates because Android helps you to get the position of your contact . If your sales haven’t an android mobile, you need to have a web-service to get there coordinates.


thank u so so much for ur support, Sir if ur free then can u make this utility for me ?

i only need to send location data to my db, if u can do this project then please let me know days and fee for this work and mail me update to this at ersaurabh101@gmail.com


Hi, I bought your script everything is working fine if I only put few listings but if I put my full base (1800) . The app is crashing at the launch.

Do you have an idea how I can fix that ?

Thank you

Try using populate() after adding your Overlays in ItemizedOverlay, i think it may help .

Hi Ferdaous,

Nice work with your android app. Are you interested in doing some freelance work? We have built and ios application but need help building an android app.

Yes i’m interested :)

How difficult is adding this to an existing app- I want a store locator to use this to find the next store- Can this do it for me- id so I will buy tomorrow.

this plugin gives you the ability to locate a list of position (fixed in xml file). I don’t really understand your question,But if you give it the list of position that you want to locate it will show it in your map.

Let me see if I have this right. In the xml file I can add various pins to the map. My location will automatically show on the map and if I want to I can map myself to various pin locations on the map? Is this correct?

Can I use longitude and latitude of a location in the xml file, instead of a physical street address?


If you want to change the latitude and longitude, it is too easy, just modify your data in the xml file.

Do you plan any updates for ICS or JB?

It works fine in ICS and JB.

Hello Developer

I need your contact details email or skype whatever for further discussions.


is it possible to load POI data from external sources? like an xml stored on the internet and not in the device.

For this version, I’m using an sqlite database, not xml, if you want you can convert your xml to sqlite database and use it with my application.


Can I use an external database on the web in stead of the SQLite database?


Would you be available for hire to change it so it loads the xml file from a server, cause that way I could update the app at any time without having to re-publish it every time something changes.