Emrys Online Android Stickers App for WhatsApp with Sticker Maker

Emrys Online Android Stickers App for WhatsApp with Sticker Maker

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The stickers for WhatsApp have finally arrived! :) We bring you the best application with which you can use stickers packs with your WhatsApp friends. We offer you assorted stickers packs so you can choose the one you like best.

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You are one step away from downloading one of the best stickers apps for WhatsApp in the market.

The application get its Stickers from Internet, so it is very possible that you will find some new ones every time you enter it!

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Web Backend Demo

Admin Panel : Backend

Website : Fronted

Username: admin
password: 1

YouTube Tutorials: Video Tutorials

Get this WhatsApp sticker maker download today. The best sticker maker for chat and from photos. Now make Malayalam stickers also with special font support

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  • Android Studio as Official Android IDE
  • One Signal Notification
  • On/Off Admob on Admin Panel
  • Admob Banner Ads
  • Admob Interstitial Ads
  • Admob Rewarded Ads
  • Premium Sticker on/off
  • Track App User
  • Track App User Log
  • Track Keywords
  • Support & Contact
  • Frontend Site
  • Backend Site
  • Create / Update Packages
  • Create / Update Tray Icon
  • Google Material Design
  • Create / Update Sticker
  • Admin Panel is powered by Yii
  • No Programming Needed


  • Simple and Attractive Admin Panel
  • Manage Packages, Stickers


  • Full Android Source Code
  • Full Php Code of Server Side
  • Full Document with Screenshot

Important! Envato Extended License

Please purchase this app as Envato Extended License if:

  • Publish your app as a Paid app on AppStore
  • My In-app purchase feature is used in the final product
  • Sell your app on Auction Markets

Change Log

WA Sticker App v1.2.8 # 28.04.2020
- Added Label for sticker maker
- Changed crop layout
- Changed sticker maker layout
- Changed magic cleaner layout
- Updated android studio and api version
- Updated gradle version
- Fixed all bugs
WA Sticker App v1.2.5 # 13.08.2019
- Remowed Analytics
- Added In App Purchase
- Added Premium Sticker
- Added Track Searched Keywords
- Added App User
- Added App User Log
- Added Frontend Site
- Added Contact Page
- Added Support Page
- Added Support Page
- Improved Performance
- Fixed Bugs
WA Sticker App v1.2.4 # 17.07.2019
- Added Analytics
- Fixed sticker height issue
- Fixed webp extention issue
- Added  Splash Screen
- Added Settings Page to admin panel
- Added ad settings option to admin panel
- Added app version dialog
- Added admob banner id change option
- Added admob interstitial id change option
- Added admob status option 
WA Sticker App v1.2.3 # 28.06.2019
- The admin panel has achieved its new design. 
- Notification feature added to admin panel.
- Application performance is improved.
- Battery optimization bug has been fixed.
- Layout bug has been fixed.
- Gradle version was updated.
- Gradle plugin was updated.
- Dependency were updated. 
- Added Firebase admob and fixed bugs.
- The performance is improved.
- AndroidX settings have been made.
WA Sticker App v1.2.2 # 05.06.2019
- Added Crop Image
- Added Search
- Added background magic remover
- Solved Bugs
- Changed Design
- Improved Performance 
WA Sticker App v1.2.1 # 26.05.2019
- Solved Explore Sticker on Anroid Pie
- Solved Admob bug
- Added Feature Sticker
- Changed Design
- Performance Improved
WA Sticker App v1.2.0 # 10.05.2019
- Changed Design
- Added Sticker Maker
- Added View More Option
- Added Text Sticker Maker
- Added Eraser and Crop Options
- Updated Online Sticker Api
- Solved Bugs
- Solve Interstitial Ads Issue
WA Sticker App v1.1.9 # 26.02.2019
- Fixed Interstitial Ads issue
- Improved Performance
- Fixed Bugs
WA Sticker App v1.1.8 # 11.02.2019
- Added responsive layout
- Added ProgressBar to detail page
- Fixed Slow Loading
- Improved Performance
- Fixed Bugs
WA Sticker App v1.1.7# 05.02.2019
- Added One Signal Notification
- Changed Design
- Improved Performance
- Fixed Bugs
WA Sticker App v1.1.6 # 18.01.2019
- Fix bugs
WA Sticker App v1.1.5 # 16.01.2019
- Updated Android Studio Last version 3.3
- Updated Design
- Added Rate App
- Added More App
 -Added Terms & Conditions
- Fix bugs
WA Sticker App v1.1.2# 24.12.2018
- Added Firebase Notification
- Added Rate App
- Added More App
 -Added Share App
- Updated json and zip file
- Fix bugs
WA Sticker App v1.1.0# 18.12.2018
- Added Multiple Sticker options
- Added Online Version
- Updated json file
- Updated zip file
- Updated sql
- Fix bugs
WA Sticker App v1.0.0 # 15.12.2018
- Initial release

Image Credit

  • Pixabay
  • Freepik

  • Note:
    1. Please update your WhatsApp to the latest version if you’re facing any problems.
    2. This app is not associated with WhatsApp Inc. in any way and is developed and maintained by a third party.
    3. We have developed this android application using the codes that are published as open source code on github
    4. We have developed this application frontend using the codes that are published as open source code on github
    5. Stickers in the application are for demo purposes only. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.


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