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nice work, DCSF


can i change background in this app to any backgrounds i want ?

and is it work on android studio ?

@ digitalcenturysf

Stop spamming all these comment sections with the same comments merely to push your own products. Your account should be suspended.


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@ PreScriptZ

“GLWS!” Really? STOP spamming all these comment sections in a desperate effort to push your own products. I think you’ll find that everyone is sick of your comments and will likely never buy from you, anymore than they would buy from any spammer. As an author, your actions are deplorable. Imagine if every other author in this marketplace did the same as you are doing.

What can i do ?

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“What can i do ?”

You can help by reporting these 5 or 6 spammers who constantly post the same “Good Luck” crap to every comment section here on CodeCanyon in a desperate effort to try and promote their own products. If there are enough reports sent to Evato / CodeCanyon, their accounts will get suspended.

Why ads only have in settings menu ? Users only come once to here.

If you want to any other screen i will add it as per your requirement.

fantastic work, i wish you big sales ;) !


Hi, before i buy i want to know if you could add to have admob interstitial shown in many places in the menu?

Yes I will add as per your requirement

Good Luck With Sale :)



Arkanian2 Purchased

Hello, I would like to add banner ads bellow the text in the lock screen. I managed to add them but they don’t open when I click them, only when the screen is unlocked they do.

can you please give me video for this issue?