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Awesome work :)! What about performance? Have you tested this on older smartphones?

It works only on Android 4.0+ devices without lags, I will add back support later.

It’s based in Stroll.js ?

Nope, this are new Android 4.0 animations.

Do you habe a Demo APK?

Sorry, no. Apk files are easily decompiled.

Hello are you using a native animation technique. Does it include a sample example application in your package. It’s totally in native android ?

Yes, sample application is the same as in video.

Can the baseAdpter be modified to a Cursor adapter?

Sure, you need to use animation inside `bindView` method.

Is that just a matter of including the view in the switch animation statement in the bindView method ? Or is code for inflating the view if null and including a Viewholder also req? Cheers Ciaran

Hi no reply to last question…Can u confirm we implement the animation in bindView of a cursor adapter , should this not be newView as we are retuning the view in this method fro a Cursor adapter…

Hi, sorry for delay.

I didn’t tested animations with Cursor Adapter, but it should work anyway. You need to use animation in bindView method since it is called every time data is binded to view.

Hello, can these animations be used between different Activity Pages? (i.e. we are using the standard slide animation when buttons are tapped) And if so, is it easy to implement? Thanks!

No, unfortunately they are only for views, not activities. But you can take a look on animation, and translate it to activity animation.

please put asource code

can this be used in android studio? everytime i try to import it is says gradle file in wrong location