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is this for a single user to manage the invoices ? or multiple user can manage their own invoices! (SAAS)

It’s for multiple user to manage their invoices.

We have seen your app and we are interested in it but we want some to ask something, can we modify and update it as per our needs and resell to our customers? If so which license is required to do so?

Hi Rohit, The Extended License grants you permission to “Use in an end product that’s sold”.

Is there any plan for the ios version?

Not at the moment. However, depending on the amount of request this could change in future.

Hi , i am try to login in in my backend but the usename and the password dont work

Hi Josean93, please make sure you’ve ran the SQL script and have a database with the user admin. If you still have any problems please contact me under invoicing@ahotbrew.com

Gracias !!


bnwraj Purchased

I have Downloaded latest version and trying Logo feature. I selected 180X80 jpg image, but its not uploading

Upload button keep taking to select image popup. please help


bnwraj Purchased

got it it was issue with server side ..there was no permission to upload files

I am glad that it’s working.

When creating products, why do you have to link to a user? Is it possible to have a list of product that all users can use ?

This is only when you create an item as an admin. If one of your users is logged in and creates an item it will be automatically be assigned to him without having to choose a user. You can test this easily. Log-in as an admin and create a new member user and then login with that user.

Thanks for the reply, Can the Admin create Products and make them available for all users ?

You can create products for one user at a time at the moment.

I want push notification along with email is it possible

Hi Marshalldas, there is no built in notification. However you can built it using google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging service https://firebase.google.com/docs/cloud-messaging/


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can you help to integrate with payment gateway strip/payumoney

Hi Bnwraj, Stripe has a comprehensive documentation explaining how to implement it https://stripe.com/docs/custom-form.

wanna know if there is no internet connection how they manage to bill? local db an sync when had internet or how?

Currently there is no offline mode available. However you can implement one using the library Firebase.

Pre-purchase query

Hi sir can i change the formate of the invoice, i want invoice in docs and pdf formate is there that feature sir. if yes how can i change the format of the invoice. i want to make invoice in 3 pages. can we do that? please reply as soon as possible sir

Yes, you can create invoices as PDF from the mobile app. Download and install the APK, create an invoice and select “Download PDF” from the top right menu from within the invoice.

I download the app, but how can I have all the invoices for the client in one file I don’t want to mix the invoices Also I am in Canada and there is two different type of tax (TPS/GST-TVH/HST & TVP/PST) How can I add them? Thanks

I need someone to answer my question as soon as possible please Thanks

Hi Hchoker,

You could implement a client filter on the invoicing screen(InvoiceFragment) in the mobile app if you want to see invoices for specific clients.

Currently the tax is a free text field. If you want to implement a dropdown of specific taxes then please look at the files: NewInvoiceActivity.java – back end logic and activity_new_invoice.xml for the view.

If you need more specific help then please contact me at invoicing@ahotbrew.com.

Sir, I created account. When you add item manually and select it from invoice page the app crashes…. and also when no client is created yet it does not do anything when selecting client. Maybe you can create function that redirects back to client creation and after saving back to invoice.

Would love to see these improvements before buying

Hi Mmathari, Can you please login to the demo again and give it a go. You’ll have to create client, item and then invoice. Please email me at invoicing@ahotbrew.com if you experience any further problems.

Sir the problem is still there, this is what I did:

- Created new account - Created new client and just Filled in the NAME ONLY and left other fields blank - Created new Item and only filled in name + rate - Create new invoice and select item

After the last step the application crashes and restarts, losing all data, can’t select any clients anymore or items. By restarting application I can start over

I couldn’t recreate the issue. It’s working fine for me and the other users. Can you tell me the username you’ve created and which android phone and OS version you’re using?