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Hi, I was wondering if you offer a paid option for installing the web piece of the installation? Thank you!

Hi Kapoorkarn, Yes I do. Please contact me at invoicing@ahotbrew.com for further details.

User and Admin not work. Please, fix for I try the demo :). Thank´s

Hi patelvaibhav1997, Thanks for letting me know. I’ve reset the admin password to the default password.

Do u offer an installation service?

Hi there, Yes I do. Please contact me on invoicing@ahotbrew.com for a quote.

interested to purchase…but having some queries 1) Product Description not visible in PDf Format. is their any option for same? 2) any option for Part Payment Received instead of payment received on off 3) client wise outstanding option if possible 3) font size option

Hi saibhaidupare,

There is no option for showing product description in PDF, but you can add the description in android app file NewInvoiceActivity.java method createPDF().

There is no option for part payment at the moment, but I will add it to my to-do list.

You can change the font size in the res/layout/ layout files by using: android:textSize=”16sp” property.

Just need to confirm a few things before i buy. 1.Does this app offer in-app purchase to turn off Ads? 2.Is the company logo included on client’s pdf invoice? 3.Can users export sales spreadsheet?

Hi Emanuel, You’ll have to implement in-app purchasing. Yes, logo is there in invoices. No export functionality.


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Hi, I have issue with the mobile application , I can’t login and it gives me this message : “Email Required” however i can create a new account please help Thanks in advance

Hi there, I’ve replied back to your email. Please email me back with any additional concerns.

Whats the demo password?

Hello, app i not log in, error show API KEY IS INVALID.

I’m not test app.